About TheBPlot

>>>  LAUNCHED March 2007, TheBPlot by Richard Virgilio is feature-focused column published in hard-copy every Thursday in Coaster Newspapers and online at TheBPlot.com [Asbury Park: City to See(SM)].  TheBPlot.com is the area’s most-read lifestyle site and was nominated for the”Best Independent Website Award” by the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists in 2010.

We want to hear from you!

We want to hear from you!

TheBPlot has been excerpted in the New York Daily News, Gawker and Radar Online.  In 2013, The New York Times featured “Homegrown Gossip Sites.”

Virgilio has written the “City to See” column in Monmouth County’s top lifestyle magazine, Currents, and serves as an occasional features correspondent for SiriusXM.  Prior to launching the column, he worked in production for programs including The Maury Povich Show, The Carnie Wilson Show and The Howard Stern Show.

Virgilio has been “Gay Rich” for years on Stern’s radio show.  In 2010, he served as a commentator for the “Best of the 90’s” series on Stern’s SiriusXM channels. In addition to Stern’s terrestrial and satellite radio shows, he was regularly featured on the E! Entertainment cable show, the CBS Saturday Night show and in both of Stern’s bestselling books “Miss America” and “Private Parts.”

TheBPlot.com has been a member of  the New Jersey Press Association since 2009.