The sleek blonde you see running around Asbury Park faster than a lesbian to a U-Haul is Aaron Coleman, events coordinator at Mattison Park and brilliant guy packed with the talent and creativity to rock this town. aaron

For more than one year Aaron has been organizing some of the best, inspired and grand events in our City.  Aaron knows how to throw a party New York-style and make everyone feel welcome.

“My goal is to get the fun, glamorous feeling that Asbury Park had years ago, back,” stated Aaron.  “I want everyone to feel great and that they are part of something special when they come to have fun in town.”

Prior to moving full-time to Ocean Grove last year, with his partner Nicholas, Aaron spent the previous 10 years in New York City developing his event and marketing expertise by working directly with one of the top hair stylists in the U.S. 

You and I both know a number of people in town that are all smoke and mirrors, trying to be a big fish in a small Sunset Lake.  Aaron is the real deal – quality, originality, taste and substance with the background and energy to hold it all up. 

He’s got a pulse on what’s great and special, translating a familiar cosmopolitan atmosphere to a new demographic in our one-of-a-kind City by the Sea. 

At 32 years old, he is one of the ones to watch in our City.  At 42, I predict he will have played a huge part in our City’s nightlife and entertainment successes.  He is the new Shep Pettibone. 

And I am just one of a sea of people who see a star in Aaron.  Last week, Starline Films chose Aaron and Mattison Park to coordinate their Film Festival party for 50 VIPs and bold-faced names including: Danny Aiello, Vinny Pestore, Montel Williams, Randy Jones, Kwame Jackson and Chris Noth. 

In seven days, Aaron rallied the troops, secured sponsors, developed a theme and seamlessly executed the Starline Party, complete with red carpet, velvet ropes and sky tracker lights for the entrance – leaving the best, first-class impression of Asbury Park on genuinely influential people.

“Having an interesting, diverse group of people and a great location are the major components to a great party,” stated Aaron.  “Asbury Park and Mattison Park have this component built right in.”

Mattison Park, located in the former First Merchant’s National Bank building – renovated last year to the tune of $800,000 by owner Kris Karcich – celebrated its one year anniversary last month.

Aaron gave me a preview of the upcoming events he is planning at Mattison Park, and you should Blackberry:

Dinner and a Movie, Sundays in April.  Continuing the Film Festival theme, every Sunday in April at 7 pm, the main room will be transformed into an intimate lounge theatre screening the movies Rent, Across the Universe and Moulin Rouge.

Tuesdays in May, starting the 13th, see Viva Vagina (yup, I said it) directed by Marjorie Conn of Ocean Grove.  Similar to the Vagina Monologues, ladies offer poignant performances about their most feminine of areas.  Special guests each week include Dr. Geena and Susan Pelligrini.

First weekend in June, Mattison Park sponsors the Gay Pride Festival and a parade float celebrating our City’s diversity.