Every day is Earth Day at Organic Style in the Shoppes at the Arcade, Asbury Park. 


Founder of Organic Style, Nancy Ehrlich dedicates 20 hours every month to find the best, hard-to-unearth, planet-friendly products for you and your home. 


I am not talking Birkenstocks, granola and unkempt underarms.  I am talking reasonably priced, useful, quality products designed for the 21st Century, which make a difference in your house, health and Earth. 


“I always want to share and learn and teach what I learn about being environmentally aware,” stated Nancy, a Wanamassa resident.  “My store enables me to do this and hopefully enables my customers to easily find products that help them positively impact the environment in their everyday lives.”


Some of the many great products that would make the King of Coaster “green” columns, Tom Pivinski, happy include:


Kiss My Face

A fabulously huge line of natural and organic products for your body including: lotions, lip balms, sun care, hair care, shave cream, cosmetics, toothpaste and super soaps made of 86% olive oil –  with zero foamers and artificial colors.  “Mediterranean Olive oil has been used for centuries to naturally moisturize the skin,” Nancy continued.


My favorite is the Liquid Rock deodorant.  Founders Bob and Steve were the first to liquefy crystal deodorant stones for personal use 20 years ago. 


Earth Friendly Products

A variety of plant-based, all-natural, essential oil cleaning products – pet care, detergents, soaps and more.  Pet Dander-Out got the Day’s stank off of my Truman, naturally.  They tell me that they are the only formaldehyde-free green cleaners made in the USA. 


BioKleen Cleaning Products

“Every cleaning choice you make affects the health of your family and the planet,” stated Nancy.  BioKleen’s products for your laundry, home and pet are Ozone safe and release no phosphates or hazardous materials. 


Glee Gum

If you know me, you know I love me my bubble gum and this is my new favorite.  Glee Gum is the only chewing gum around that is made with chicle – sap of the Sapodilla tree and the original main ingredient in gum – a renewable resource from the rainforests in Central America.


Nancy’s stock does not stop there.  You’ll also find baby clothes, lady’s accessories and cosmetics.


Even the gorgeous sales counter and shelves in her store are green.  The counter is made of oak floorboards and the shelves are treads from old stairs, salvaged from a 200 year old Pennsylvania farm. 


More bargains on the products I mention are available at Nancy’s Earth Day celebration this Saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm.  She’ll also have food samples and educational presentations, including the conversion of a camping trailer into a biodiesel vehicle (way cool).    


Briefly:  Cheers to Alex and Ramon, new owners of the completely renovated and re-launched Fisher’s Chat & Nibble, which celebrates its grand opening throughout April and May.  You’ll find the same yummy fare with new additions and the incomparable Raphael.  For those fresh to the area, Chat & Nibble is a local landmark and was the original “center of the universe” for everyone participating in our City’s rebirth.