OMG do you have spring fever like I do?  How fun is it to see boys in shorts?  How great does Bradley Park’s green makeover look? 


The only part of spring I am not loving is the yard work.  If all it took was boxtops and enthusiasm, I’d have the best yard on the block.


They can put a man on the moon, but no one can make grass I can grow in the shade, in sandy soil or a hose that doesn’t constantly knot up.  The duplex at Wesley Grove looks better and better and better.


Spring and summer are the seasons our City shines the brightest – from tanned bodies to big events.  Here is a peek at what’s in store.


The Jersey Shore Qspot is back with meetings the first Tuesday of each month at the Community Health Center on Main Street.  First meeting, May 6, is “Ask the Nutrition Doctor,” June 3 is “Ask the Lawyer.” has all the details.


Coastal Habitat for Humanity’s thrift store the ReStore begins extended summer hours (open until 6 pm) on Friday evenings, Memorial Day weekend.  The ReStore has developed a cult-like following of community members seeking out great “finds” of furniture, appliances, home accessories and more.  Buy vintage items and collectables before the dealers do.  Also, as you move through your spring cleaning, donate your lightly used, clean items to the ReStore.  “Donations reduce landfill and go directly to helping our local community,” stated Asbury Park resident Gary Kilmer, the store’s manager and program director.


I took a first look at the detailed plans for The Deck – the every-season cocktail lounge currently being built on the second floor of the First Avenue Pavilion.  The minds of Russell Lewis (Baker Boys), Paul Connolly and Andrew Hacking, bring a new top-tier environment to our City including:  sumptuous earth tone interior, floor to ceiling windows offering 270 degree ocean views, 7,000 square foot deck, fireplace, elegant food and sumptuous sound system.   This, in addition to entertainment such as a trapeze artist hanging from the ceiling and The Deck’s signature cocktail – Lollypop Mojito.  Nice.


Road Trip 7 will be here before you know it.  Check out the just-posted by Chairperson Brad Hurtado, first video of Road Trips past on YouTube.  Search: “Road Trip Asbury Park.”  Leverage the clip to invite your friends to the festivities at Road Trip 7 – July 18 to 20.


I hear David Beckham’s insanely hot spring and summer underwear ad campaign for Armani has created a new frenzy, for guys at waxing salons in the area – including Gloss Salon on Lake Avenue – the Boyzilian.  Figure out where the wax goes and what comes off.  And guys, please stop waxing your eyebrows.


Briefly:  I am waiting for the results of Truman’s Wisdom Panel doggy DNA test to determine his exact genetic makeup.  It’s obvious he is partially Pitt Bull – umm, I mean Staffordshire Terrier.  I think he has some Boxer in him and one or two other breeds.  Care to chime in with what breeds Truman is made of?  Email me with your thoughts and I will send the winner my favorite Neutrogena sunscreen products for the beach.  Photo of Truman at