When Oprah calls – jump on a plane to Chicago.  When 60 Minutes calls – hide.


During my time at Maury Povich, we joked that getting a call from 60 Minutes is worse than a call from the IRS.  Mike Wallace doesn’t want to talk to you about your secret to a flawless tan.   More likely, hold on to your hat sexy, one of your skeletons is flying out of the closet on Sunday evening.  Call your mom and significant other and start repenting.


Recently, Thomas Beatie, a.k.a. “the Pregnant Man” got the call from Oprah and jumped on a plane with his wife, bumping the economic crisis we are being devastated by, off the front pages of every major newspaper and magazine around the world for a day, with his baby bump. 


Yes, the Pregnant Man is confusing at first blush.


No, this is nothing more than two people – a family – having a baby girl they hope to raise the best way they possibly can.



I hear around town, “But what about the child?  We can’t imagine the struggles she will face.” 


Who hasn’t experienced some tough times growing up? 


I cheer Thomas, Nancy and their baby.  I send them all good energy, the best wishes possible and a bag of biodegradable diapers from Organic Style.  (Plastic diapers take 400 years to biodegrade and make up 1.7 percent of all landfill, per Yahoo! Green Living).


There are way too many people that should not have a plant, let alone a child.  Thomas and Nancy do not fall into this category.


The 360 degree responsibility view of raising a child is lost on so many when a baby can be made in three minutes (if she’s lucky). 


The last sentence in Thomas’ article published in The Advocate is, “Our situation will ultimately will ask everyone to embrace the gamut of human possibility and to define for themselves what is normal.” 


Every day in Asbury Park we embrace possibility and new concepts.  A man giving birth will happen here one day and this community will, and should, embrace the couple and look forward to playing with their gift of a child on the Fifth Avenue Beach on one of those perfect July beach days. 


In 25 years, this type of news will be so common it won’t even be worthy of a column in The Coaster.


Briefly:  Gay Bowling rocks Juicy Jenn’s unparalleled Asbury Lanes on Saturday 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.  $10 gets you pizza, shoe rental, retro movies, prizes (including a subscription to your favorite weekly newspaper), super people watching and brilliant fun – thanks to Michael Delia, the event’s dedicated organizer.  It’s an Asbury Park Classic and recently been experiencing record-breaking attendance numbers.  Gay “card” and bowling acumen not required.