Take a “staycation” this year and stay at home during your summer vacation.  Enjoy our beach and all the town has to offer.  Asbury Park’s beach was voted the sixth top beach in New Jersey, in a new poll of beachgoers conducted by the Marine Sciences Consortium.

For those behind the eight-ball, here are some instant gratification ways to get on the Fifth Avenue beach fashionably and happily:

Suiting Up

Bob Reuter, owner of Etc. on Cookman Avenue offers tips to help you find a bathing suit that hides your muffin top and gets you attention like paparazzi to a Britney Spears Starbucks run:

1. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and realize what is hot on you. 

2. Wear a bathing suit that makes you smile inside and others smile outside.

3. Take a risk.  And wear it confidently.

Check out Bob’s great selection of bathing suits from Frivole, Priape Wear and Ruf Skin, along with a fab assortment of beach bags, housewares, underwear and more.

Beach Body

Speaking of bathing suits, I have a buddy in town that was dreading – as many of us were – getting into a bathing suit this summer.

He did the Jenny Craig program and was so pleased and happy with the results, I had to tell you about it.  It was inspiring and exciting to see him energized.

Every diet he tried in the past he hated or did not work effectively for his life.  Jenny worked for him.   

I was impressed with how great the food was.  I sampled some of the meals and they were not the least bit like eating chemicals or a block of salt.  The meals and snacks were so good, I would buy it just for the appropriate portions and convenience.

What’s even better is that Jenny has a section of her website dedicated to her gays – the “Rainbow Support Group.”  A ton of members live in our area.

Jenny may be right for you, too. 


Being as red as a Sunday morning Bloody Mary is not sexy.  Clinique has a great variety of quality suncreens and post-sun skincare products – that won’t irritate your skin.  My skin is ultra-sensitive and Clinique always does me proud.


The new, fun summertime cocktail is the Asbury Fluffer – Ginger Ale with Peach Schnapps.  Garnish with a peach slice. 

Briefly:  Last weekend you observed the mating rituals of the gays at the GLBTI Pride Festival, this Saturday evening check out the mating rituals of the Horseshoe Crabs.  A Wanamassa resident, who heads the Marine Sciences Consortium, coordinates this annual event (the first full moon in June) in Sandy Hook, which details the unique connection horseshoe crabs have to the moon.  It’s genuinely great fun for adults and kids, like the best of the National Geographic Network – live and a testament to the spectacular wonders of Mother Nature.  Happiness is a Horseshoe Crab:  children’s crafts, brief lecture and twilight walk begin at 6.30 pm.  Dress warmly.  Call: 732.872.1300 ext. 22,