Between contractors not finishing on time, the economy, property values, the redevelopment of the boardwalk, the election and other more personal tribulations, many of us are crazed and rarely take enough time to breathe, relax and enjoy the fabulousness of our town and friends.

Inhale stress, exhale love, as my friend Lory says.

I recently discovered a great new way in town to take a moment and relax.

Every Saturday morning, area resident Arthur Fama facilitates an extraordinary meditation program for a diverse group of men and women on the best beach around.

“We work together on calming the mind in both seated position and through walking meditation and explore together ways to bring this practice into everyday life,” stated Arthur, who has been studying meditation for years.  “By observing the mind in meditation, we come to know our true selves – what pushes our buttons, how we habitually react and what we can do to learn to be with our feelings and to just let things pass rather than getting all knotted up.”

The “knotted boys and girls around here” list I started was longer than Mr. Big from Sex in the City.  See you guys on Saturday.

“Although I draw from Eastern traditions in my approach with the Group, I make sure the practice is accessible to everyone – regardless of religious, philosophical or spiritual background,” continued Arthur.

My mom, a regular morning walker of the “boards,” always says that early after sunrise is the most beautiful time of day at the beach.

“No prior meditation experience is necessary,” stated Arthur.  “Everyone is welcome to come with simply good intentions and an open heart.  If you try it and find that it’s just not for you, no problem.”

What an amazing new way to enjoy our beach thanks to another turbo-talented local.

Meditation with Arthur Fama:  Every sunny Saturday at 8.30 am (arrive early), Asbury Park beach, between Sunset Avenue and Sixth Avenue.  Rainy Saturdays at Trinity Church.  Bring a large towel to sit on.  More info: