Last week Jill Potter gave us a first and exclusive preview of the complete itinerary for Road Trip 7 (check it at, which begins tomorrow evening. 

Today, exclusive Number 2 – the details about Sand Blast “Asbury Park’s dance party on the beach.” 

Produced by Brad Hurtado – who, with David Norris has organized Friday night’s amazing Kick-off Party for the past seven years – Sand Blast is promised to deliver like anything you’ve seen in Miami or Fire Island.  If you are into circuit-type parties, Sand Blast is calling you.

The B Plot:  You have created a buzz around Sand Blast.  What’s the deal?

Brad:  This Saturday from noon to six, the Fifth Avenue Beach and the Beach Bar will be its own world.  I am making this a sexy, sweaty, fun, one-day dance event that you will talk about for the rest of the summer.  It will be like nothing Asbury Park has ever seen before – six hours of spectacular fun and sun on the Fifth Avenue Beach.

TBP:  Wow.  You are expecting at least 500 guests.  What can they expect?

Brad:  Something very special.  Sand Blast is a new way to celebrate the summer, Asbury Park, pride and friendships.

Eddy Trotter, creator of some of the sexiest lounges in New York City is designing an environment around the ocean waves. 

There will be an unbelievable fifty by seventy-foot “laughing” orange and “cheerful” yellow dance floor planted right on the beach, reined over by hot New York DJ Eddie Baez and sexy go-go boys and girls.  Guests will have an exclusive party at the Beach Bar and a refreshment tent from Whole Foods.  There will also be an unbelievable special performance above, yes, above, the dance floor.  

TBP:  During Fourth of July weekend – a beyond super spectacular weekend here – I heard many are planning on coming from far and wide.

Brad:  We are expecting first-time visitors to Asbury from Philadelphia, New York, D.C. and beyond, in part, because of our promotional partners – the top circuit party organizers, including the Winter Party and the Black & Blue Ball.

TBP:  And it won’t only be a blast, it will help our community.

Brad:  When guests purchase tickets ($45) through our website and use the promo code “Center,” ten dollars of every ticket will be proudly donated to The Center in Asbury Park.  And, guests under twenty-five years old pay their age at the entrance.

TBP:  Something new and original, set to fabulous music on the beach?  Loving it.  Don’t forget to play my Rihanna, Brad.  Thanks for your hours of hard work to make this happen.

More info at

Briefly:  Take a moment and take your friends this weekend to say “hey” to Leona at the boardwalk’s mini-golf hut.  I had the best time there last weekend.  Red is the lucky golf ball.

And, okay, so after all your dancing around town this weekend you’ll need something to ensure you look bright and sparkly at work on Monday.  I found the serious secret:  Smooth & Go from 24.7 Skincare at CVS.  It seriously eliminates dark circles instantly.  Boys – it’s not make-up, it’s a mineral-based lotion, with some voo-doo magic, I think.  Party on.