One night only…one night only…comedienne Judy Gold – tonight.

This Judy event is produced by Bob Egan Entertainment.  Bob is the kind, dynamic and ultra-talented pianist – and Asbury Park resident – you love to sing with at Moonstruck every month or so.  He is expanding his entertainment empire to our city.

Bob hooked me up with Judy to talk about the summer and get a little more insight into what makes Judy, golden.

TBP:  What are you reading this summer?

Judy:  My audiences.

The B Plot:  And we love every second of it.  When a lesbian mother BBQ’s does she prefer gas or charcoal?

Judy:  Gas – less work and not as dirty.

TBP:  What’s new in your iPod?

Judy:  My Bose “in the ear” headset.

TBP:  As the host of HBO’s “At the Multiplex with Judy Gold,” what is your all-time favorite summer film?

Judy:  Jaws.

TBP:  America’s Got Talent or American Idol?

Judy:  Anderson Cooper 360

TBP:  I love me my Anderson and I hear he loves our City.  For a lot of us here, our pets are our children.  Do you have any pets?

Judy:  A psychotic cat Nathan.

TBP:  More and more gays with beautiful children are popping up on our beaches and in town.  Any tips for keeping ankle-biters happy and occupied at the beach?

Judy:  Benadryl and a nanny.

TBP:  Asbury Park is famous for its summertime backyard evening cocktail parties.  What should we have on hand when you stop by?

Judy:  Frozen Pina Coladas.

TBP:  I’ll stock up on the rum and coconuts.  We love you huge here in Asbury Park.  Want to make a shout out?

Judy:  My family settled in Perth Amboy in the late 1800’s and spent lots of time in Asbury Park through the mid – 1900’s.  I have a soft spot for Asbury that’s even softer now that it’s gay, gay, gay.
TBP:  McCain or Obama?

Judy:  You can’t be serious.

TBP:  Just checking.  So, what about some gossip on fellow fabulous comediennes Kathy Griffin or Sarah Silverman?

Judy:  Isn’t this interview about me?

Judy Gold at the Supper Club, Boardwalk at Fifth Avenue, tonight, 8.30 pm.  Reservations suggested:  732.774.1400.