I met Dr. Geena Buono four years ago, through my realtors Carl and Bill, while I was looking for a home here.  I was drawn to her the second all six-feet-something-with-heels of her walked into the room.

I told her if she let me manage her “transition” story with the media (Dateline NBC for the video diary, Howard Stern for her band Dragster and Maury for the family angle), I could pay for the renovation of my house and she could get the Rolls Royce of all new “equipment.”  She wisely decided to stick with being a chiropractor.

It worked out because today, she is the newest member of Work Out World’s chiropractic office in Ocean.  Go Work Out World.  Go Dr. Geena.

In celebration of her new position – in life and career, I spoke with her and found a more focused and strong, Dr. Geena.

The B Plot:  A lot of people know you as a singer or musician or killer volleyball player, how long have you been a chiropractor?

Dr. Geena:  Eighteen years.  I have been in Asbury Park since 2002.

TBP:  For those of us who don’t know, what is the benefit of going to a chiropractor?

Dr. Geena:  Everyone’s body is totally dependent on the brain and spinal cord’s ability to conduct and coordinate every bodily function.  When your spinal bone is misaligned it puts pressure on a nerve and interferes with the nerves function. This eventually interferes with bodily functions.

TBP:  What do you say to people who are unsure about chiropractic medicine?

Dr. Geena:  Today, most people understand that chiropractic is not faith-based or a placebo.  If applied correctly, chiropractic works every time – whether a person believes or not.

TBP:  What about people who think that once they begin with a chiropractor, there is no end.

Dr. Geena:  That’s totally a myth.  Last month, a young woman came to me with severe back pain.  After her adjustment, she reported to me that she no longer needed her asthma inhaler.  I wasn’t treating her for asthma, however, as in other cases I have seen, the body restores itself back to health in many ways following a spine adjustment.

TBP:  Wow.  That’s so wonderful.    When did you join the Work Out World team?

Dr. Geena:  Thanks to Drs. Arthur Levine and Phillip Grivas, I started in June.  I maintain office hours in Ocean on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  You don’t have to be a member of the gym to come to the chiropractic office.  Ask for me when you walk in or call me anytime at 732-618-1191.

TBP:  You told me you are “happier and more settled than ever.”  What should we know about Dr. Geena?

Dr. Geena:  The most important job I have is being the parent to three wonderful and talented kids – ages 17, 12 and 10.

My unique perspective on life has become a gift that helps me connect with all kinds of people and help in many ways, most specifically in my practice.  I am a spirit having a human experience but still connected to every form of life in the entire universe.  No different than anyone else.

TBP:  Cheers lady.  I am so excited for you.