I spoke with petiquette expert, Charlotte Reed, author of Miss Fido Manners, spokesperson for Febreeze Pet Odor Eliminator products and friend of Asbury Park about doggy protocol that would do any Rockefeller proud.

The B Plot:  Lots of Labor Day barbeques planned this weekend.  When is it okay to bring your dog?

Charlotte:  When the host invites your pet, specifically.  A guest should always wait to have their pet invited.  Hosts should be politely proactive in saying the barbecue is pet-friendly or not.

TBP:  Once you get to the party, what do you do if your hosts are oblivious to how ill-behaved their own dogs are?

Charlotte:  Hosts should always be aware of their pet’s behavior.  If the dogs are not playing nice with others, the dogs should be gated off in a comfortable room until the party is over.  Just like at the doggie park – if the dog doesn’t behave, he has to leave.  If the hosts are not doing anything to help the situation, take your dog and leave or politely say something to the host about his dog’s behavior.

Pet etiquette is two things:  taking a dog’s training and combining those skills with the owner’s consideration and respect for others.  Petiquette is about being a respectful human being.

TBP:  Your book has a ton more detail.  How do you introduce a new dog to everyone at the dog beach?

Charlotte:  First meet and greets are very important.  The new dog should be sitting on a leash when he is introduced, with his owner kneeling down beside the dog.  Other dog owners should not let their pet come looming in.  And no jumping – pets and their owners.

TBP:  How do you tell your friend his dog stinks – as in smells?

Charlotte:  On the next occasion – barbeque, birthday – give dog shampoo along with a pet toy as a gift.  Hopefully he will get the message.  Some breeds are more prone to odor, such as Bassets – who have very oily skin.

A guest should never be able to smell a dog before seeing it.

TBP:  That’s where the Febreeze comes in.

Next week, Charlotte tackles breed bias, dogs and dating and how to make your pet carbon neutral.

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