Part 2 of my conversation with fabulous petiquette – pet etiquette – expert and Febreeze Pet Products spokesperson, Charlotte Reed, we discussed love and other loving issues.

The B Plot:  What’s the protocol for someone looking for love on the Asbury Park dog beach?

Charlotte:  Even if the guy or girl is cute, you want to make sure the pet is friendly.  You can usually tell a friendly dog the same way as a person.  Look for a dog’s tail to be wagging side to side.  If the tail is straight up and moving like a metronome, the dog is scared or angry.

Take off your hat and sunglasses because dogs can’t see your face and they cant get a sense of the person.  And hang up your cell phone.

Don’t be a doggie stereotyper.  Judge every dog individually.

TBP:  Great, so your advice worked, bubbly red hearts are popping above both people’s heads and now the couple wants to spend their first full weekend together.  What’s a couple to do with their dogs?

Charlotte:  Before the dogs even meet the couple should make sure their rules and expectations are in synch.  If there is no sleeping on the couch for one dog, it has to be for both dogs that weekend.

Have the dogs meet on “neutral” ground outside the house prior to playing inside.  When inside, make sure puppy gates are on-hand.

TBP:  What do they do if one dog learned some bad tricks and can’t stop loving the pillow on the floor, while the couple is loving on the couch?

Charlotte:  Take the pillow away and give the dog a chew toy.  Always make sure there are lots of toys available to avoid that situation.

TBP:  And the new “future ex” loves people who love the environment.  How does the other person make her pet carbon neutral?

Charlotte:  There are many options to green up a pet’s life.  Put a filter on the faucet or fridge instead of giving the pet bottles of water that take centuries to decompose.  Use ‘green’ collars and leashes.  Also, some pet beds are made with fabric that resists dirt and smells – cutting down on water and energy usage.  Always use recycled bags for waste.

TBP:  Thanks Charlotte.  Loving your book, Miss Fido Manners.  Can’t wait to get your thoughts on petiquette for the holidays in November.