I saw a few of the “Save Deal Lake” signs floating in Deal Lake this summer.  The irony was Debbie Downer worthy.

I am beyond thrilled with the dialogue that has begun regarding the lack of action being taken to address the sorry state of the lake, thanks to Dane Hall’s recent column in the other weekly newspaper.

“I wanted to throw some fireballs,” Dane told me recently.  “Where is the outrage?”

Deal Lake is sad.  And I love the lake.  I would love for Truman to be able to swim in the lake.  It could be the second most spectacular body of water in our area.

“I hear stories about when residents water-skied on the lake and gazed into it and saw painted turtles swimming,” stated Brian Mullins, interim president, Friends of Deal Lake.  “With help from the community, the lake can get back to its original grandeur.”

The moment property values of homes on the lake are negatively impacted – which will be very shortly – because no one wants to live near the lake, we will see outrage.  Action will be taken by the most lazy, passive and jaded.  But we can’t let it get to that.

“Deal Lake is a color green you can’t even find in an expanded box of crayons, stated Dane.  “If Deal Lake was a public park, and all the trees and grass were brown and dying, you can bet people would be pissed at the park’s commissioners.”

What’s especially egregious is the choice of inaction Asbury Park officials have taken.

“Asbury Park has not paid dues to the commission in two years despite having storm drains which flow directly into the lake,” stated Brian Mullins, interim president, Friends of Deal Lake.  “Asbury Park is holding the lake hostage.  They could move this along faster.”

Asbury Park politicos seem too busy alienating visitors with horrid parking meters.

“When I asked Terry why the City has not paid, he basically started questioning everything (the Commission) was doing,” Brian continued.

There is some – some – positive news.  And it’s up to us to help.

“Senator Kean wants to appropriate $470,000 for Deal Lake,” stated Brian.  “He needs the community’s support.”

And Saturday, September 27, Wanamassa residents, Mark Fleming and Eileen Chapman, are organizing a decorated watercraft competition and parade and benefit for everyone to attend, to help fund aerating fountains for Deal Lake.

“The fountains will help prevent weed growth,” stated Brian.  “It’s great to see more people getting involved.  We need more.”

Please email Mark Fleming for more info about the boat parade:  Reach out to Senator Kean to express your support of our lake.  And become a friend:

If you don’t help, don’t complain.