We all need a great laugh and some levity right now.  Let’s laugh together this weekend at comedienne Maureen Langan’s performance at Cry Baby Gallery during the 7th Annual Women’s Arts Festival. 

Named one of the “Ten Standout Stand-ups Worth Watching” by Backstage Magazine, Maureen is taking a break from opening for Joy Behar, stealing the show with her sharp news satire from MSNBC’s hottie Dan Abrams and touring – a regular at Caroline’s in New York City – to help us forget the country’s troubles and get happy. 

The B Plot:  Where did you come from and where have you been hiding?  

Maureen:  I haven’t been hiding.  It’s just that to get national exposure these days – especially if you’re a gal from Jersey – it seems you have to have sex with a governor from New York.

TBP:  Who is the most famous person in your cell phone? 

Maureen:  Joy Behar.

TBP:  Love Joy.  I hear Elizabeth Hasselbeck is not long for that seat next to her.  Back to you – what’s the most important number in your cell phone?

Maureen:  My local wine shop. 

TBP:  What’s the funniest word? 

Maureen:  I like some bad words that I can’t say here, but I say on-stage.  “Godspeed” cracks me up, because I have no idea what it really means.

TBP:  You were a host for years on Bloomberg Radio – positively the most entertaining part of that network.  What did you learn about all those money people?

Maureen:  You can’t buy soul.

TBP:  Thoughts on the economy?

Maureen:  As a comic, I’ve been living as if the stock market crashed for years.

TBP:  Your satire of current events is brilliant.  The Daily Show’s John Stewart has got to want you.  Politics aside, who will make a more entertaining next four years, Obama or McCain?   

Maureen:  McCain and Palin would be funnier.  I can make jokes about the darkest things – I’m just hoping I won’t have to.  

TBP:  Amen.  Every time Sarah opens her mouth, it’s a joke.  Want to make a shout out to your fans in Asbury Park?

Maureen:  I love my Jersey people and places.  So many people who live outside New Jersey have no idea how great it is.  Too bad for them – I’ll keep you all to myself.  I met my husband at the Jersey shore.  To me, it’s an extra special Jersey place.

Oh, and I want to give a big shout out to my friends Nancy and Bill Graf, owners of the Bradley Beach Inn.  They are amazing people.

TBP:  John Stewart can you hear me?  Godspeed Maureen.

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Briefly:  Producer and actor, Marj Conn has a talent for choosing the historically interesting, intensely researching the subjects and bringing them to dynamic life on stage.

For two weekends, beginning Friday, Oct. 10, Marj’s Provincetown Fringe Festival presents “Women Behaving Badly and Madly” at the Stephen Crane House (very special venue if you have never been) – featuring monologues about Lizzie Borden and Aileen Wuornos or Eleanora Duse.  You will be entertained and learn something – a great duet for both sides of your brain.  Call: 732.807.4052.