Would you shave the hair off your head for a donation of $10,000 to your favorite charity?

A few months ago I spent some time with nine well-coifed ladies in their late-20’s and asked them that scruples question.

After shrieks of horror worthy of the best Halloween movie, only two of the nine ladies said they would shave their heads for the monetary donation.

I forgot about my conversation with those ladies until I spoke with Melinda Maggio of Frank’s Deli.

While I ate the best egg salad sandwich around, she told me about her plans to snip off 13 inches of her gorgeous, thick, light brown hair for the non-profit Locks of Love – an organization that provides custom hair prosthetics to children suffering from long-term medical hair loss.

“I wanted to do this in honor of the fourth anniversary of my mom passing away from cancer,” said Melinda Maggio, 27.  “It’s just a ponytail to me, but during my mom’s chemo I learned how important hair becomes when someone is without.  I am happy to do this to help – my hair will grow back.”

Last Thursday, Melinda’s stylist cut off the 13 inch ponytail and donated it to Locks of Love, leaving Melinda with a Victoria Beckham-short hot bob.

“It was emotional for many reasons when my hair was cut,” said Melinda.  “I love the way everything turned out though – both my new haircut and the benefit a child will get from my ponytail.”

She looks great and has the radiant glow of someone who has done something selfless.

“We truly appreciate what Melinda is doing for our organization and the children we serve,” said Lauren Kukkamaa, spokesperson for Locks of Love.  “Any time a donor does this, we are so thankful.”

Because of people like Melinda, Locks of Love has provided more than two thousand hair prosthetics for children around the country since 1997.

“It takes between six and ten donors for each custom prosthetic,” said Karen.

Each prosthetic is created from an individual mold of the child’s scalp – ensuring every child can swim, play sports and live just like their friends.

“Anyone questioning whether they should cut so much of their hair off all at once and donate it should spend five minutes with someone who is loosing or has lost their hair,” said Melinda.  “Their minds would change immediately and realize how lucky they are to have the hair to give.”

Melinda rocks – demonstrating that giving of one’s self really is the most gorgeous thing anyone can do.