Oprah and Gail. Donnie and Marie. Sonny and Cher. Jill and Aaron.

Yes, Jill and Aaron – the new talent team in town is Jill Potter and Aaron Coleman. The two Asbury Park residents who have brought you some of the most creative and popular events our city has seen in the past few years are joining forces.

Jill Potter, for the past seven years has served as the Chairperson of the Asbury Park Marketing Fund and coordinator of seven Road Trips. Aaron Coleman, most recently was the events manager at Mattison Park, producing the Halloween Parade in town and The Center’s Disco Ball.

With the founding of Jill’s Aww Mama Productions and Aaron’s Pyramid Productions, both are committed to developing exciting entertainment events for you, as original as Asbury Park, all year long.

“We met during the preparations for Road Trip 7 and realized we have the same drive to make the Asbury Park area a year-round gay entertainment destination,” said Jill. “Asbury Park has to have a variety of entertainment options for the community at-large all year long – not just squeezed in to a couple of weekends during the summer.”

I hear they are working on a number of events from outdoor parties to theatre and more.

Another platform of their business is producing original and memorable private parties and corporate events, such as a “Lordy Lordy He’s Forty” themed birthday extravaganza for forty great friends. (Actually, that’s my idea for my birthday in a few years. Jill and Aaron will create something better for you.)

“Our companies are more than basic event planning,” said Aaron. “Nothing we do, either a private party or a large public event, will be run of the mill. Everything will be a specialty production – with a memorable out-of-the-box uniqueness.”

Jill and Aaron have been planning their first event – Gay Bingo on Saturday, Feb. 7 at the VFW Hall – since September and it’s certainly not standard fare.

“Christy Girlington will be the host for the Mardi Gras-themed evening of Gay Bingo and she is bringing her friends, the Bingo Verifying Divas Aaliyah Kiara Du’mure and Lady Victoria,” said Aaron. “While this is billed as a gay event, everyone is always welcome to come and have fun.”

Each guest will receive Mardi Gras accessories, 10 bingo cards and a dabber. Cocktails will be available from the Harrison-hosted bar.

For years, I went to Gay Bingo in New Hope, Pennsylvania at the Firehouse and it was a guaranteed great time. You can only imagine what happens when “O 69” is called out.

And the VFW Post 1333 is organically the perfect place for Jill and Aaron’s premier production – it has a vintage number drawing machine and illuminated call board. The room even has the right “Bingo smell,” whatever that is.

Gay Bingo is 10 great games with 10 special prizes – including a very valuable one-year subscription to this newspaper, ReVision theatre tickets and a grand jackpot of $250, a portion of the proceeds benefiting The Center in Asbury Park.

“We are ‘dragging out’ bingo in Asbury Park,” said Jill.

AwwMama.com has advanced discounted tickets and more info. Doors open at 7.45 pm.

Briefly: Another fab event for a winter evening, Gay Bowling returns Saturday (Jan. 24) at Asbury Lanes, 7 pm. Ten dollars includes shoes, bowling, pizza, prizes from local businesses, fun, friends and more. It’s seriously the best entertainment bargain in town. Hosted by the Barron of Bowling Michael Delia.