Andrew DePrisco, local writer and dog-lover, put pen to paper about his passion for puppies and received the Benjamin Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association for “Best Gay and Lesbian Book.”  

Andrew’s “Woof! A Gay Man’s Guide to Dogs” (BowTie Press) is a creative, funny, interesting, energetic and really, really beautiful book about the unique bond a gay man has with his dog.

“I wanted to write a book that conveyed important information about the pets we love, in an entertaining way,” said Andrew.  “Woof! is edutainment for all lovers of dogs, especially those who care about the quality of the dogs they select and the authenticity of the crystals in those same dogs’ collars.”

The irreverent tome offers prospective and current canine owners facts about selecting, naming, raising, training (both family and dog) and loving the “gay-perfect pup.”

Andrew tweaked the standard tests used by dog breeders to evaluate a puppy’s personality for members of the QKC – the Queer Kennel Club – with questions like “Are most of your shirts collarless or sleeveless?” and “Have you ever been naked in a barn?”

Just as there is a top for every pot, there is a dog for every guy.

“If gay men were as simple as young, untrained puppies, life would be so much easier,” said Andrew.

After revealing his QKC grouping, the reader learns various breeds associated with each group.  Andrew – the author of 10 dog and cat books and editor of more than 100 – found there are 28 “breeds” of gay men, including All American Boy, Fashionista, Guppy, Pump Boy, Size Queen, Gaysian and Southern Belle, to name a few.

“From drag queens to butch cowboys, no one is safe in the book,” said Andrew.  “Leather guys are softies that like to dress up – and there are better dogs than others to match that personality.”

Andrew spent a year researching and writing Woof!.

“I interviewed twenty-five of the best breeders in North America,” said Andrew.  “If you follow my recommendations for choosing a breed, getting it from the right source, socializing and training it, you will not be unhappy with the pet you choose.”

For those of us who prefer saving a dog, rather than buying one, Andrew, FYI, is not all about breeders – in any way, shape or form.

“There is something sexy about someone who goes to a rescue and saves a dog,” said Andrew.  “Rescue groups for purebreds do an amazing job of saving puppies from horrible breeders and stores.”

And despite its title, the book is not just for gay men – Joan Rivers is one of Andrew’s biggest fans.

“This book is my dog bible, and DePrisco is my new heroine,” said Joan.

That’s love.

Next week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Andrew talks doggie dirt on Justin Timberlake, Elton John and other gay divas and icons.

Briefly:  Speaking of Joan, her new book about plastic surgery, “Men are Stupid and they Like Big Boobs” is fab.  My favorite quote regarding spending money on beautification in today’s environment:  “It’s better to see a pretty face getting out of an ugly car, than an ugly face out of a pretty car.”