Puppy Love

trumanwarholby Richard Virgilio

Despite what you may have heard, Paradise and Georgie’s are not the only places to look for love around here.  Try the Monmouth County SPCA and adopt a dog or cat.  

Puppy love expert and editor of more than 100 books about cats and dogs, Andrew DePrisco, discusses this very special type of matchmaking in his book, “Woof! A Gay Man’s Guide to Dogs” (see last week’s column at TheCoaster.net).  

“Most of us spend more time with our dogs than we do with our partners,” said Andrew, an Interlaken resident.  “Dogs are the ultimate long-term commitment and choosing the right one deserves more attention than the shirt you’ll buy for spring.”  

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I asked Andrew to comment on a few gay divas and icons, and their dogs – as he does in his book. 

“Celebs love being in the book,” said Andrew.  “Who wouldn’t love being placed between Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt?”  

Elton John:

“Elton has more than twenty dogs – a compound of rescue dogs.  It seems she wants everything she sees, including dogs.”

Clay Aiken:

“He has a border terrier.  That’s a rough dog.  This silly little twink likes to be handled rough.”  

Lance Bass:

“Lance is partnered with two twin Australian Beagle crosses.  I think its fun that he is sleeping with twins every night.”  

Orlando Bloom:

“He’s a honey.  I love Orlando.  He has a rescue dog mix and that’s sexy.”

George Takai:

“George and his husband have a Papillion – a small French breed with big ears that resemble a butterfly’s wings.  Very smart dogs – just like George.  Perfect match.”

Justin Timberlake:  

“As such an ultimate straight guy, why does Justin have such a gay dog – a Yorkie?  But sometimes a dog finds you rather than you finding the dog.”

President Barack Obama:

“He is such an intellectual and thoughtful guy…and athletic.  My choice of dog for him would be a Boxer.  Boxers, especially male Boxers, bond very closely with their owners.  Given that one of his daughters is allergic to dogs, the family needs a non-shedding dog.  My favorite non-shedding dog is a Spanish Water dog.  They are frighteningly smart – bred to dive underwater to find gear.  The breed has a very beautiful coat similar to a sheep.”  

The last paragraph in Andrew’s book sums up life in this great city with our dogs perfectly.

“Once you’ve found the perfect canine companion, the whole gay world is your oyster.  Sunning at the shore, sipping at the rim of an overpriced cocktail and watching the surfers come in, you and your partner can woof all day at the indescribable joys of low tide.”

Cheers to you and love this Valentine’s Day…and low tide.

Briefly:  Something you may not know about me is that I love anything and everything Andy Warhol.  If you share my interest, Graphic artist Billy Mecca of Elberon just sent me a great link to raw footage of Andy signing his book “America” at the Fiorucci boutique in NYC on Valentine’s Day, 1986.