I never quote Homer Simpson, however here I go:  “They have the internet on computers now!”


It never gets old. 


The next time you are on the internet, on your computer, check out some of the great Yahoo Groups – online communities custom-made for our community, by our community. 


Members communicate to the group via blast emails.  Databases and other resources are available on the group’s homepage.


Some have said that politicians must speak to constituents via a few of these lists to win an election.


As with any collective, there is whining and moaning about nonsense (delete, delete) balanced out by the extraordinary positive community cyber-energy.  The passion is what really makes these groups great. 


I spoke with the moderators of a few local groups.  Read on, then log on and see what fits with your interests – guaranteed at least one will. 


“Asbury Park GLH,” (founded 2002)


TBP:  What is the “The List” all about?


Moderator:  It caters specifically to the GLBTI residents of Asbury Park, so naturally it can only be described as “fabulous.”


The “List,” as it’s known around town, is a communication tool – created by Dane Hall – with 468 members, that caters to a community of similar interests.  It was launched to provide the GLBTI community with an effective way to connect with each other, recommend contractors and other vendors and express opinions.


“Asbury Park,” (1999)


TBP:  This is the longest standing Yahoo Group for the City. 


Moderator:  “Asbury Park” was started by a then-Philadelphia area college student (Andrew Wertz) who was interested in the city’s revival.  The 470 member group is a forum for anyone who is interested in Asbury Park. 


Among the many issues discussed are the ongoing challenges of the city’s school district, the Asbury Park real estate market and the effects of the upcoming local elections on the City.


“Colonial Terrace,” (2006)


TBP:  Your Ocean Township-focused group is the only one with specific ties to a neighborhood association. 


Moderator:  It’s an extension of the Colonial Terrace Protective Association.  The group is used as a vehicle to keep in touch and let neighbors know what is going on – from City Hall issues specific to Colonial Terrace to crime reports.


We also coordinate neighborhood events like a bicycle parade, “Fall Fest” and holiday caroling.


“Wanamassa GLBTI,” (2006)


(Disclosure:  I founded this group and serve as the moderator).  Our group is a forum for Wanamassa-based GLBTI neighbors to become more connected.

It has a few active members, however starts to buzz when a project to rally around arises such as saving Deal Lake or Ocean Township High School’s momentary ignorance cancelling “The Laramie Project”…or when a party is on deck.