Asbury Park resident Quinn Stone has been building film and theatre sets for almost 20 years in Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles and recently founded her own scene shop – StoneDog Studios in Neptune.

“My job is part artist, construction coordinator, sculptor, painter, costumer, electrician and architect,” said Quinn. “The set is another character in a production. I make sure that character plays its role excellently.”

Quinn also serves as the technical director for the New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch. Currently, she is installing the set for the upcoming premier of “Housewives of Mannheim.”

Quinn has recently built props or sets for the Two River Theatre Company, Tinton Falls Middle School, Merline Films, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Showroom – the first independent cinema to open in downtown Asbury Park in the past 30 years.

“I usually take the set designer’s draftings and build the actual space,” said Quinn, a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. “My team and I figure out what needs to be done, considering the budget and time and make it happen.”

Team Quinn builds and paints the projects in her studio and then moves the pieces to the performance venue – putting the finishing touches on the work at the theatre or on location. It takes three or four weeks to construct and install the average stage set.

“If a theatre company called today and said they needed a five-foot tall television remote next week, I would say ‘What type of TV is the remote for?’” said Quinn. “We can and will make anything. And we work with any type of budget.”

I learned from my time at the Maury Povich Show that set building is its own art, morphing function with fiction (“Quick, I need a loveseat shaped like hot red lips, in velvet…that glows.”)

It’s about “smoke and mirrors,” making something look real, dynamic and believable – temporarily. I have heard nothing but praise for Quinn from the “theatre folks” around town.

For (former) The Showroom on Cookman Avenue, Quinn was charged with creating a lobby with a “deco” feel that needed to double as office space. Her dynamic work debuts – along with the exciting new theatre – this weekend.

“Quinn is a craftsman and has produced for our theatre a functional and exquisite piece of art,” said Asbury Park resident Nancy Sabino, partner in The Showroom with her partner Michael Sodano. “She was so easy to work with and it was our good fortune to support a local, women-owned business.”

Pass the popcorn.