Earth day is becoming Earth Month is becoming Earth Year.

Finally, we are seeing tons of modern “green” options for every part of your fabulous life – from fashion to grooming to items for every part of your home.

You know Jurlique is one of my favorites. This Earth Day, my Jurlique friends are going beyond beyond by encouraging you to recycle three Jurlique product containers at one of their area boutiques and be rewarded with a sample of one of their three bestsellers (until April 25).

After I recycled at Jurlique, I sought out two leading resources to provide insight into making it easier to be green, everyday.

I went to the Green Products Expo in New York City – where US companies premier the newest, latest and greatest “green” products, and I spoke with Asbury Park’s own Nancy Ehrlich, owner of Organic Style on Cookman Avenue, to learn about 21st Century responsible living.

TBP: What does “fair trade” mean and how does it impact the Earth?

Nancy: Every fair trade product has been made by a company that pays a living wage for workers to support their families in that country. Typically, workers get medical benefits and work seven to eight hour days. No children work in the factories.

Fair trade is the complete opposite of what we know as a “sweatshop.” When people purchase fair trade products they are helping families around the world create a better life for themselves and their community.

Organic Style exclusively sells products that practice fair labor – I turn away companies that don’t have supporting documentation.

TBP: What are some simple tips that everyone here can do to make a big impact on the environment and ultimately the world?

Nancy: Stop buying bottled water. Why even buy it to recycle it? There are so many canteen and reusable bottle options available now.

Another tip is to eat a meatless meal at least once a week. Factory farming is one of the worst things done to pollute our earth.

Finally, get in the habit of bringing your own reusable shopping bag wherever you go – from Cookman Avenue to the Mall. Those reusable bags are not just for the food store.

TBP: What about for men?

Nancy: Look for simple, neutral, solid colored bags. I sell a couple of different organic cotton options at Organic Style. My husband Bob uses one.

TBP: Great Nancy, bring on the shopping.

At the Green Products Expo I previewed some really cool products that you will love having in your life:

Kids Konserve: My favorite from the show was this line of waste-free lunch kits. Ultra cool looking, reusable food containers for kids for school or adults for the beach or office. I’ll be using the stainless steel stackable food carrying “bento box” – two containers in one – this summer. The company was launched by one of the first employees of Design Within Reach, so you know it blends style and function.



Ecover Car Wash and Wax: phosphate-free, fully degradable, low foaming, pH neutral cleanser (translation – it won’t suffocate the fish in our lakes and ocean or kill your grass among other things) uses the power of nature to clean and degrease any car or boat, for less than $5.

FlushPuppies: Dog doodie bags that are 100% biodegradable and water soluble (you can flush it), so the “package” is treated properly in a sewage treatment plant and does not add to the 210 million tons of trash in the US each year. $4.