I could only describe it as adorable when I learned the other day that the hot Russian model, with six-pack abs and just right everything else I was watching on MTV Spring Break was talking about something that could be “supersized” when he was describing his favorite American meal indulgence.

“They say it is a…umm…McRib…sandwich,” delicious model said, smiling and laughing. “I eat at McDonalds all the time. McRib has no bones.”

Hot Model Guy must have just gone on an audition for a McDonald’s commercial – his fierce beach body gave no hint of a regular diet of Mc-dining.

What’s your favorite food secret extravagance? I spoke with a few local culinary talents about what they crave when their own fare is not on the menu.

Michael Rathsmith and Bobby Johnson (25-year residents of Asbury Park) of Clementine’s in Avon:

“We will go to the Olive Garden, sit at the bar and eat breadsticks. I order the gorgonzola pasta with short ribs on top and take half home for lunch the next day. Bobby gets the stuffed chicken marsala. One other place we love is Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Route 66. We get burgers with jalapeño peppers, mayo, mustard and ketchup and regular fries. It’s so good.”

Michael also shared that he set up the restaurant’s outdoor tables last weekend featuring new Clementine-colored sun umbrellas.

Ken Le of Munch:

“I love Thai food, especially Pad Thai. I am actually having that tonight at Teak in Red Bank. I also love spare ribs from anywhere but my ultimate comfort food is a fresh baked ham.”

Beginning May 15, Munch will be open for dinner on ArtsCAP’s Collide-A-Scope Fridays. May 15 is the first day of the Tri-City Arts Tour, too.

Jeffrey Haveson from Restaurant Plan B:

“Ice cream anywhere anytime. Does not matter what kind – Breyer’s, Dairy Queen – I just love ice cream. I’ll have a Klondike bar for lunch sometimes.”

Marilyn Schlossbach, Langosta Lounge:

“My favorite place to go is Vic’s in Bradley Beach – I worked their as a waitress when I was younger – and my favorite thing to order, with my husband Scott, is a white pie with broccoli, garlic and ricotta. Their garlic bread is the best and I always get the chopped antipasto salad with herb dressing.”

I’ll take all of the above, including the model.

Briefly: The Center’s 16th Annual Center a la Carte happens next Friday (May 8). It is summer’s unofficial coming out. Call for tickets.

Cheers to this year’s participating restaurants: Asbury Park Roastery, Belmonte’s, Bistro Ole, Branches Catering, Carmines, Culinary Education Center of Monmouth County, Ducky Life Tea, The Harrison, Il Pavone Gelateria, Jesse’s Café, Kessler’s Catering, Laila’s, Langosta Lounge, Lusty Lobster, The Mix Lounge and Food Bar, Moonstruck, Mumford’s Culinary Center, Munch, Perfect Perk, Plan B, Silk Catering, Starbucks, Synaxis at the Shore, Taka, Tasty Pantry by Elaine, Windmill.

Finally, this is the last weekend to attend ReVision Theatre’s “Kingdom”. Please go. My mom loved it. I loved it. You will love the songs, story and dynamic cast.