There is drag and then there is draaaaggg. One of the rock stars of drag queen-dom is coming to town the Saturday evening of Gay Pride weekend (June 6) to entertain the troops – both rainbow emblazoned and otherwise.

Hedda Lettuce

Six-time Drag Queen of the Year winner, Hedda Lettuce, will perform her renowned movie night show, featuring the 1981 film “Mommie Dearest”, at Asbury Lanes.

Forget the sloppy, scary, part-time, socks-for-boobs gag drag you may be used to. Since 1994, Hedda has been turning it out for her public performing around the world and on television shows including “Project Runway,” “Sex and the City” and “Oprah.” I spoke with the blonde icon in anticipation of her visit.

TBP: How are drag queens surviving the recession?

Hedda: It’s all a matter of recycling, Darling, and doing your own handiwork. Taking a beautiful belt you’ve tired of and melting it into a broach.

TBP: You are the self proclaimed “Queen of Green.” I call our columnist, Tom, the King of Green, you two must meet. How can Asbury Park people be greener?

Hedda: A lot of people leave half a drink on the bar and walk away. Grab it and drink it. Don’t be shy. Alcohol kills germs. It’s a great way to recycle, conserve water and save money.

TBP: Both you and “Mommie Dearest” are fierce. What happens when two icons collide?

Hedda: My show is like “Mystery Science Theatre” combined with “Rocky Horror.” I act out in front of the movie screen, comment as the film progresses, backtalk to Faye Dunaway and interact with the audience. I absolutely encourage audience participation. The first and last 15 minutes is live comedy.

It’s a collage of comedy…a touch of drama with a dash of wit…pinch of pathos with a whole lot of laughter…a unique experience and a great evening. I promise everyone a great time that none of us will ever forget.

TBP: I hear the show is regularly a sell out in New York and Provincetown. Who knew you were so into movies. What are your summer favorites?

Hedda: Anything with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. “Bye Bye Birdie” with Ann Margaret and a nice Gidget movie will get a girl going during the summer.

TBP: Who is a bigger diva Tyra Banks, Madonna or Asbury Park’s own Brad Hurtado?

Hedda: This is a difficult one, Darling. Brad would like me to say him but I won’t. I would probably say Tyra.

TBP: Final thoughts for New Jersey Gay Pride 2009?

Hedda: Celebrate diversity. This is our chance to get out of the sandbox and show the world how we do it.

Some say gays are like everyone else but we are not, Darling. We are just a little bit more fabulous. We just are.

Also, keep hydrated and find you a man – at least for the summer -it brings a glow to a woman’s cheeks. Enjoy, celebrate and live. (end)

$20 tickets include two-hour open bar. Doors open at 8 pm. Tickets sold at the door or AsburyParkEvents.com. When everyone else is increasing prices Pride weekend, this is the best bargain in town. Brad Hutado, producer of the show, is supplying the wire hangers, too.

Briefly: The Famous Wanamassa Point Yard Sale, featuring 15 homes at publication deadline, is Saturday (May 15). Join the Egrets, turtles and wayward bargain hunters for treasures galore 9 am to 3 pm.

Beginning next week, a revealing “Grey Gardens” exclusive interview with Little Edie’s nephew Bouvier.

05.17.09 – One of the pillars of our Asbury Park community, Scott Schechter passed away suddenly on Thursday. I can’t speak more highly of gentle, kind, passionate, engaging Scott. He will be missed by many. Those who did not have the chance to meet him missed out. The 5.28.09 issue of The B Plot will be dedicated to this wonderful friend to many, partner to Russell and dad to Tigger. I welcome you to post your thoughts and memories about Scott here.

Scott Schechter