On the Fifth Avenue boardwalk, it was overcast the Sunday morning of May 17.  Inside the Supper Club, it was brilliant and vibrant with emotion as Asbury Park residents John Grant and Danny Weiss exchanged vows of commitment, devotion and affection in front of 110 family and friends. 

“The love from both our families was wonderful, incredible and genuine,” said Danny.  “The guests were blown away by so many things, including the location, our families uniting and the ceremony itself.”

The Honorable Teresa Kondrup Coyle, a New Jersey State Judge, officiated the ceremony which morphed both Irish-Catholic and modern Jewish traditions seamlessly – everything outlined in a program with a dreamy cover photograph taken by John of a brilliant deep yellow, orange and gold sun rising over crashing grey-blue waves on the Fifth Avenue Beach. 

Danny Weiss Cover Image

 “We entered to ‘Shir HaShirim’ (Song of Songs) and ‘An Irish Blessing’ was sung later in the ceremony,” said John.  “It was important for us to incorporate both traditional Jewish music and an Irish blessing.” 

 Asbury Park’s Brett Colby sang both dynamic songs. 

 “All four of our parents participated in the modern version of the seven Jewish blessings,” said Danny, born in Neptune.  “There was not a dry eye in the house.”

The theme for the wedding was “beach chic.”  It looked like the wedding everyone wished they could go to – joyful and in a genuine environment.

 “It was very important to us to have a socially-conscious, substantive celebration,” said John.  “We respectfully requested no gifts.  There were no flowers or a band.” 

The underlying and unspoken theme of this fete is the fact that these two gentlemen are in love with our city, their family and friends and, naturally, each other.  When you see something like that, it’s makes you smile.

Danny wore a blue-grey seersucker suit with orange scarf.  John dressed in a putty colored jacket, grey pants and flip flops. 

Danny Weiss and John

A lunch reception immediately followed the ceremony at the Supper Club, which included a chocolate-hazelnut cake driven from Houston to Asbury Park by a cherished friend of Danny’s family. 

John, comptroller for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and Danny, a local immigration attorney appointed May 27 to the Board of Education, met October 2007 online while they were both living in New York City and spoke “for hours” via phone prior to a face-to-face meeting.

Their first date consisted of more conversation over the finest wine. 

 “I knew John was the one I was going to marry the minute I met him,” said Danny.  “I have a very good read of people and I could tell right away he was genuinely kind, ethical and easygoing.  I have been waiting my entire life for him.”

Danny knew first, however John was the one who proposed November 2008, in one of the most heartfelt and original manners I have heard. 

 “I made him a card of a collection of photos of events and times in our life together that were important to us,” said John.  “I put the card in his bed and the card contained my proposal.  I want to grow old with him.”   

 I just love, love.  All the best wishes to them both.