Original hostess gifts for the real master of the house and a creative way to ensure you stay on the cocktail party circuit guest list…

It figures that one of Truman’s favorite leashes comes from a company founded by a Jersey boy with a huge fondness for Asbury Park, who spent his youthful summers in Point Pleasant.  Scott Schaible, founder of Ecollargy created the coolest leashes and collars made, literally, from the old billboards you pass on the highway.  “An estimated 250 million square feet of billboards go into US landfills each year,” said Scott.  “We literally take an old billboard, clean it, stripcut pieces, and sew them into unique products.”  The handle of the whimsical leash is wrapped in old bike innertube pieces for a super comfortable grip.  Leashes and collars – with a tag that reads “I used to be a billboard” – come in various styles and sizes and wear over time into a soft, washed denim-like texture.  They are also insanely reasonably priced.  Itzadog.com


Food, treats and even a calming tea for dogs – all 100% natural and made in a human-food San Diego-based bakery.  The facility is FDA inspected and humans actually sample the food as part of the quality control process.  I can’t stand how much I love this company.  Truman can’t pick a favorite – hand-made cookies made with real duck and cherries or buffalo and blueberry.   Your baby deserves this.   TheHonestKitchen.com Nuzzles_large[1]You know you wonder what life is like for your dog when you are not around.  Uncle Milton’s Pet’s Eye View Camera give you a dog’s-eye view with this lightweight digital camera that attaches onto your dog’s collar.  Set the self-timer to take a picture every 1, 5 or 15 minutes to take a sneak peek into his secret world.  Comes with a USB cord to download photos directly into your computer.  This is seriously so much fun.  UncleMilton.com


“Spott’s Canine Miscellany” – written entirely for dogs and their doting owners and admirers, the result is an irresistible potpourri of canine facts, embracing the essential, the trivial, the intriguing, and the extraordinary.  You will discover such whimsical treats as dog epigraphs, the origins of breed names, an international guide to the word “dog,” Aesop’s fabled dogs, dog-bite statistics and dogs who went down with the Titanic.  Totally fun beach read.  Amazon.com


Forget those horrible pills for dogs to eliminate the urine burn marks on your meticulously manicured lawn.  Drop a Dog Rock – 100% natural, mined from a quarry in Australia – in your dogs water bowl every two months and it will filter out impurities from the water such as Tin, ammonia and nitrates.  “The basic ideas is the three inch diameter rock being paramagnetic changes the ion exchange in the water,” said Michael Jordan, owner.  “This results in the nitrate level in the water dropping and not being ingested.  What’s important to note is that the Dog Rock does not change the pH of the water.”  The Dog Rock is the hottest pet item in Australia and the UK right now.  BullyStickDirect.com


Serious dog nutrition with fun names like Grrnola, Bowwowbreakfast, Fido Flakes, Chompions and Chewabunga that includes l-carnitine to help convert fat to energy.  One extra pound on a dog is like 10 on a person.  Bowwowbucks.org


Magniflex, an Italian mattress company, offers your baby the ultimate in sleeping arrangments with a 22 karat gold fibers woven into the ultimate fabric covering.  In addition to imparting a luxurious look and feel, the gold offers anti-bacterial and anti-static properties that resist dust mites and keep the mattress dry and cool.   How fabulous  a jump would this be for Truman to go from three years ago sleeping on the streets of Asbury Park to this bed (approx. $2,000 for a 50 pound dog)?  When you learn about this mattress, you want one for your dog, one for yourself – forget Duxiana mattresses – and one for our sexy friend in the photo below (on the right).  Magniflex.com

dog mattress

Items featured have been donated to the Monmouth County SPCA Thrift Store and are available for purchase.