Cheers to fireworks and a fun look at city surfing style this holiday weekend, with the help of long-time wave rider Chris D’Antuono of Long Branch.

Board short model 3

“The trend in boardshorts this summer is ultra-lightweight and quad-stretch fabrics in vibrant patterns,” said Vince Troniec, surf department manager at Spellbinders and surf instructor.  “It’s a pleasure to wear and nice in the water even if you are not an avid surfer.  Oakley’s got great suits and quality.”

board short model_1311








 board short model 2

Chris wears Oakley’s Micronauts, Tilt and Interlock boardshorts, respectively. 

Oakley boardshorts, shirts, sweatshirts and footwear available at Spellbinders and  Create your own sunglasses at  Beach accessories available at Cabana, Swell, Lightly Salted and Style Rocket on the Boardwalk. 

Briefly: Five years ago, the Fourth of July fireworks and all the amazing positive and exciting energy surrounding the weekend was the deciding factor for me to move here.  It’s been an honor to see the city – including the fireworks – grow even more spectacular each year. 

A very special memory for me in 2006 was watching the fireworks from the Berkley’s roof, thanks to my dear friends Ann and Somer Stephenson.  After a great party in Ann’s room (she is one of the best party throwers hands down), a few friends and I snuck up the utility staircase to the roof. 

I can not even tell you how spectacular the view was both of the fireworks, the stars in the sky and the crowd below.  We stood there in silence – no sounds but the ka-booms and crackles of the show.  We could see south for miles and the sea breeze was perfection. 

Surrounded only by people we cared about.  All of us on the roof knew we were having a exceptional, spontaneous Asbury Park moment never to be duplicated.  It’s one of my favorite private Asbury Park memories and I will be always grateful to Ann for that moment.  I still see the fireworks when I close my eyes and am so thankful.