Suzanne-Westenhoefer---4Suzanne Westenhoefer – the very first openly gay comic, in the early 1990’s – rules the stage of the Stone Pony next Thursday (July 16) kicking off the best weekend of the summer, Road Trip 8.

Yes, Thursday.  Thanks to Jill Potter’s AwwMama Productions and a new regime in place for the Asbury Park Marketing Fund (the producer of Road Trip) – headed by Wanamassa resident Joe Zarro – Road Trip weekend has expanded for the first time to begin Thursday night.

“We were able to expand the weekend this year because of Jill’s efforts,” said Joe Zarro, co-chair, APMF.  “And are so grateful the Marketing Fund can get back to our roots of promoting Asbury Park.”


Suzanne is a fearless, quick-witted party pleaser for everyone.  I had so much fun speaking with her in anticipation of her show.

TBP:  Your barrier-breaking career also includes being the first openly gay comic on The David Letterman Show.  Asbury Park just named its first openly gay mayor.  Any advice from one trailblazer to another?

Suzanne:  Do what you feel is right.  Be strong and don’t let your personal fetishes interfere with your job.  Private lives should remain private.

TBP:  Are lesbians or gay guys easier to make fun of?

Suzanne:  Straight people.

TBP:  Will you be doing Michael Jackson jokes? 

Suzanne:  Can you bury that much plastic without a permit? 

Seriously, I think Michael’s father, Joe Jackson, is painfully funny.  At the BET Awards, two days after Michael died, Joe stood on stage and told the audience his family was doing okay and in his next breath said, “I want to take a minute to introduce you to my record label.”  Watch it on YouTube and your jaw will drop like a PEZ dispenser.

Funny is not always funny and Michael Jackson jokes are just not my thing. 

I do think that Michael was one of the most brilliant talents and he was just going to get weirder.  Now, we can remember all the amazing dancing and music and forget the baby dangling and nose crumbling. 

TBP:  Do you and your wife, Jennifer, have celebrity “deal breakers” in your relationship?

Suzanne:  Jennifer has a laminated list of at least five celebrities she has to be allowed to sleep with.  She needs to get a board that says something like “today it’s Jennifer Aniston.” 

My list has been the same for years.  I like power lezzies or straight women who are powerful and wear suits – Glenn Close, Martina Navratilova, Martha Stewart, Candice Bergen.  Hillary Clinton is totally hot to me, too. 

TBP:  So what could Hillary expect on a date?

Suzanne:  I say things like “You don’t realize it yet but we need to be together.”  I know in the first 18 seconds.  There is no taking it slow with me.  I am always married – no dating.  Once I pick you, you are mine until you tell me “no” and then I weep and wail. 

I can’t wait to do this Road Trip show.  There is nothing better than a loud Jersey crowd.  Tell all the girls and boys I can’t wait to see them.