Madonna has “four minutes to save the world.”  Next weekend, during Road Trip 7, you’ll have three days to have all the fun in the world. 

The amazing Jill Potter, chairperson of the Asbury Park Marketing Fund, producer of Road Trip, and her dedicated troop have an incredible weekend planned for this year’s Road Trip, beginning Friday, July 18.  Here’s the first and exclusive scoop – so you actually have time to plan accordingly.    


The kick-off party is always my favorite event.  It’s a must-do.  I have heard the words “legendary,” “outrageously impressive” and “best by far” used to describe the party, produced by David Norris and Brad Hurtado.  Many more effusive adjectives would be appropriate to describe this party. 

This year, you and a predicted two thousand of your neighbors and their road tripping friends will play in the renovated Grande Arcade, including the newly opened north, east and south balconies.   Step back and revel in our one-of-a-kind City spirit.

“The theme for the evening is ‘Life is a Party’,” stated Michael Stary, interior designer and event volunteer.  “Asbury Park is the jewel of the shore.  Fittingly, we will have gem-toned beach balls and beach umbrellas decorating the Arcade.”  

Recover quickly from the stunning 9.30 underwear show because at 10.45 pm, a spectacular – and I mean spectacular – twenty-minute fireworks display begins. 

“The energy you feel on Friday is so special,” stated Jill.  “Special City, special people.  I just love this City.”

Is that a firecracker in your pocket or are you just glad to be at Road Trip 7?


Along with all-day frolicking in the sand on one of the top ranked beaches in New Jersey and fun events downtown, Brad Hurtado is producing the first-ever gay dance party on the Asbury Park beach – Sand Blast.  We are talking a custom built 50 by 70 foot orange and yellow dance floor on the beach; nonstop music by DJ Eddie Baez and more. 

Extra details about Sand Blast, the “dance party of the summer,” next Thursday.

If working your body sunning and dancing on the beach is not your thing, then work your brain by taking the Asbury Park Gay History & Trolley Tour.  The dynamic Mark McDonald will host the four, forty minute tours and discuss our city’s history and rich architecture.

I missed out on the sell-out tour last year and can’t wait to be regaled with the juicy history of our beach wonderland this year.  FYI, this is a realtor and developer sponsored event.  There will be cocktails.    

And there’s more – a downtown showcase.  Businesses are planning an all day and night event with a “First Night feel – performers, art, fashion, food and more,” Jill stated.  “The downtown is an important part of Road Trip excitement.” 

Saturday night is free for you to introduce your guests to our City’s great backyard parties and our many super restaurants and lounges.  All of them – from Munch to Taka to Mattison Park to McCloone’s, have great Road Trip menus planned. 


Organizers have leveraged a ton of the most creative and talented people in town to create a Fifth Avenue beach day for your “mind, body and inner child.”

A ton of fun and different activities are planned beginning at 8.30 am and going on all day.  Jump in anytime.  From Yoga and meditation with uber-talented Arthur Fama to flag football to volleyball.  It sounds like a great, ways to enjoy our beach. 

This definitely is lucky seven.  We are so fortunate to be part of Road Trip 7. 

Road Trip 7 Official Schedule: 

Friday:  Road Trip Oceanside Kick-Off Party, 7 pm to 11 pm, Grande Arcade at Convention Hall.

Saturday:  Sand Blast, Noon to 6 pm, Fifth Avenue Beach.  Discounted tickets at 

Asbury Park Gay History & Trolley Tour, 3 pm to 7 pm.  Begins at Convention Hall and Fifth Avenue.  Reserve a seat at the sign-up table on Friday night or Saturday morning.  Arrive at least 15 minutes before your tour begins. 

Downtown Showcase, all day and night, all over downtown, stores and restaurants.

Sunday:  Beach Day, all day play, Fifth Avenue Beach.  Check out specific event times at the web site: