full montyThe curtain rises next Thursday (August 12) on ReVision Theatre’s newest production – “The Full Monty”.  Yes, once again, ReVision has put together an amazing cast which, for the first time, includes Bob Angelini. 

Bob, who also serves as the Drama Coach for Ocean Township High School’s West Park Players, and his wife, State Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini, spoke with me exclusively while they were vacationing in Spain last week to discuss the production…and the exposure it’s famous for. (EXTENDED ONLINE INTERVIEW).

TBP:  “The Full Monty” is a musical about six unemployed Buffalo Steelworkers who recognize and prepare for a new income opportunity – all the while facing universal fears and demons and recognizing the value of friendship.  What role will you be playing in the musical and what attracted you to it?

WHICH character will a runner-up from Israeli “American Idol” play…WHICH straight twentysomething area resident…WHICH Asbury Park restaurant and caterer…Bob Dylan, Solomon Dwek and WHO has more meat passed through than the Carnegie Deli…

Bob:  I’ll be playing Reg Willoughby, a mill worker and union leader.  I wasn’t attracted to it.  I begged for a part and the ReVision guys felt sorry for me.

TBP:  I am so sure casting you was simple.  How are you preparing for the role?

Bob:  Mostly in front of the mirror. It’s not a big part…but remember there are no small roles, only small actors.  

TBP:  You have been on ReVision Theatre’s Board of Directors since its inception, serving as a wonderful ambassador and fundraiser.  What are you feeling in anticipation of taking the stage for the first time next week?

Bob:  It’s next week?  Now I’m nervous…thanks a lot.

TBP:  Your performance will bring new meaning to Roosevelt’s quote, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”  Would it be more appropriate to say you will be wielding a yardstick or a simple ruler on stage?

Bob:  It’s a bit part but I am growing into it.

TBP:  OMG how fab are you.  Will there be manscaping involved in your costuming, my metrosexual friend?

Bob:  I’m thinking maybe a nice topiary…

TPB:  Theatre people love topiaries!  There literally is not one person who I have met who does not think the world of you and Pat.  Does this role have either of you concerned about over-exposure?

Bob:  Her name is “Mary Pat”.  She’s so nice they named her twice.  Mary Pat is extremely supportive of what I do and a great fan of the arts. 

Don’t tell her I am doing this.  I’ll be using the stage name “Mike Easter” so as not to draw so much attention.  (laughs)

Mary Pat:  Not in the least!  For 23 years I have had the pleasure of seeing Bob in many wonderful productions. 

TBP:  Sorry about the mistake with your name, Mary Pat.  Pleeeease don’t have me audited.  Bob, can you give us a preview of what’s in store for us at the Carousel Building when the show opens Thursday?

Bob:  ReVision is bringing Broadway to the beach.  All the talent is top-notch – directed by (Asbury Park resident) David Liedholdt, the cast includes many Equity actors.  The show is hilarious and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.  “The Full Monty” will not disappoint.

TBP:  What was your fave ReVision production so far?

Mary Pat:  “Hair”.

Bob:  “Hair” (named “Best of NJ” by NJ Monthly, August 2008) was my personal favorite and “Kingdom” was amazing.  I never thought I would like a hip hop musical but “Kingdom” was an operetta of the present.  I often said, “What do kids see in hip hop or rap?”  After “Kingdom” it was apparent – this music is a true art form and when coupled with the story of two kids trying to find themselves in their lives, I was hooked.  

TBP:  Why is ReVision important to our community at large and vice-versa?

Mary Pat:  The arts are an integral part of any economic development plan.  The ripple effect the productions have on our businesses is invaluable.

Bob:  ReVision brought more than 5,000 people into Asbury Park last year during the run of “Hair”.  Arts patrons spend an average of $50 in town before or after a performance.  Multiply that by thousands.  

Mary Pat:  As I talk with people, they clearly are feeling the crunch of the bad economy, are fed up with crooked elected officials and experiencing a general feeling of malaise.  More than ever, it’s important to enjoy an evening of fun and escapism.  “The Full Monty” is just such an opportunity.



TBP:  Bob, as a ReVision Theatre Board member, you are involved in choosing the shows to produce each year.  How does the vetting process work? 

Bob:  The Board, subscribers and others suggest shows and our artistic directors painstakingly review scripts with a goal of  presenting fresh, new works or past works with a fresh new persepective.  We owe our success to founders David Liedholdt, Stephen Bishop-Seeley and Tom Morrissey – together they have 700 years in the theatre, at least it seems that long, given their talent.  We are lucky to have them in Asbury Park.

AUG. 12 to SEPT. 8

AUG. 12 to SEPT. 6

TBP:  Lucky to have you both, too.  Bob, your fans can’t wait to see what type of topiary you choose.  Break a leg.     

“Full Monty” runs August 12 to September 6 – ReVisionTheatre.org for tickets.

TheBPlot is thrilled to be a emphatic supporter of ReVision Theatre and its ongoing, creative and innovative productions.  Look for TheBPlot’s new ad in “The Full Monty” program.