Last Saturday, despite Hurricane Danny’s wet efforts, the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Concert – a “thank you” concert for the Surfrider volunteers who spent the soggy day cleaning our beautiful beachfront – blew everyone away with performances by Grammy nominees Joss Stone and Gavin DeGraw (“I Don’t Want to Be”).

Before taking the stage at Convention Hall (my absolute favorite place to see a concert), singer and activist, the beautiful and soulful Joss, took a moment to answer some of my pressing questions.

TBP:  It’s so fab to have you in Asbury Park honoring the wonderful volunteers who tidied up our beach on this muggy, rainy day.  Do you have any great beach memories to share?

Joss:  Going to Putsborough (beach in the UK on the coast of North Devon) when I was young with my siblings and good friend Bonnie.  I loved going to the beach then and still do.

TBP:  How have you seen the loss of Michael Jackson effect the music industry?

Joss:  It’s affected the music industry as much as when we lost James Brown.  It is very sad but his music still lives on.

TBP:  What was your fave Michael Jackson Song?

Joss:  All of Michael’s songs are great.

TBP:  I wrote recently that a friend was at Whitney Houston’s listening party for her new CD (see “Whitney’s Back Baby”), where Whitney announced to the audience that if she was not singing again she would “be selling fruit from a stand somewhere in the Caribbean” with her daughter.  Seriously.  If you were not a musician and singer, what would you be doing?

Joss:  I’d be a carpenter, midwife, potter or baker.

TBP:  Interesting.  You are a vegetarian – its one of the things I admire most about you.  Every vegetarian I have met has stunning skin, shiny hair and sparkling eyes, as do you.  Any advice for people considering the vegetarian lifestyle?

Joss:  I would say just stop eating meat…it’s really not that hard.  It’s just food.

TBP:  You don’t seem like the rock-star Jaegermeister-swilling type of gal.  I envision you delicately holding a glass of sparkling wine.  What type of wine is in your cellar?

Joss:  It depends on what kind of moment it is.  I lean more towards Barefoot Wine’s white wine but then sometimes I like red.  Sometimes, with my friends, we mix the two together and have a rose.

TBP:  What’s the funniest item in your contract rider?

Joss:  My foot spa – so I can clean my feet after I get off stage.  (Joss is known to perform barefoot…very beachy).

TBP:  My friend Emily Manni just loves you in Showtime’s “The Tudors”, playing the role of Anne of Cleves.  Any scoop?  Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so painfully hot.

Joss:  I’ll be back in “The Tudors” soon.

TBP:  Busy lady…you have a CD on deck to release, too.

Joss:  Yes, maybe in October is the word I hear, but this could change.

TBP:  You have a huge following in the GLBTI community.  Would you like to say anything to your gays in Asbury Park?

Joss:  Thanks for your support.  Be you – regardless of anyone else.  Just be you.

TBP:  So well put.  Actually, I think you should put that to song.  Thanks Joss.