As of Tuesday, with the launch of her first book “Official Book Club Selection” (Ballantine), comic Kathy Griffin can now add the title of “author” to her long list of credits.  The book will absolutely be a best seller – its funny, revealing and dishy.  It took two beach days to read the book because its so damn funny.  Plus, Kathy gives the reader tons of never before seen photos from her personal collection. 

Kathy also strives to educate the reader, explaining, “Only in this book will you learn how the dinner table is the best training ground for a stand-up career…and how speaking your mind can bite you in the ass and buy you a house.”

Even the Table of Contents (below) is revealing…she is taking people down

I met Kathy yeeearrs ago during my time at Howard Stern and again after her show in Morristown, NJ.  (Afterwards, I emailed her agent in California for an autographed photo and never heard back…bitch.) 

Her Morristown show was at the moment when Kathy Lee Gifford and Frank finally spoke with Barbara Walters about Frank’s affair.  Kathy played five minutes of the interview on a huge screen, adding the colorful commentary she’s famous for as Barbara tossed the softball questions.  Hysterical. 


She’ll be returning to “Howard Stern Show” on Sirius, September 9 and “The View” this September 18 (after being banned from the show twice by Barbara Walters personally) – sitting her well-lipoed ass in Elizabeth Hasselback’s chair, while Elizabeth further crowds the Earth’s population with another child. 


Foreword: Dear Oprah

Chapter 1: The Littlest Gossip Girl

Chapter 2: Growing Up Griffin

Chapter 3: They Barked, They Laughed

Chapter 4: Kenny

Chapter 5: LA Is My Lady

Chapter 6: To Live and Bomb in LA

Chapter 7: Hot Cup O’ Talk

Chapter 8: I’m a Star! (Okay, A Guest Star)

Chapter 9: Brooke Shields, Don’t Read This

Chapter 10: Talk Shows: Let the Banning Begin

Chapter 11: From Worcester MA to Dick: Stories from the Road

Chapter 12: Nip Fuc###

Chapter 13: Reinventing Myself: I’m Just Like Madonna!

Chapter 14: Reality Check

Chapter 15: My Marriage Begins

Chapter 16: My Marriage Ends

Chapter 17: Fanning Flames in Hollywood, And Yes I Mean Dakota

Chapter 18: A Win, A Loss

Chapter 19: The Wizard of Woz

Chapter 20: Paris Hilton Changed My Life

More at Kathy’s site – KathyGriffin.net