As I settled into the area almost five years ago, I noticed some homes proudly touted fun, dramatic and creative monikers.

No one I spoke with knows how the trend began, however it’s a swell idea and adds another layer of charm to our city.

I spoke with a few Asbury Park homeowners regarding the genesis of their home’s name.  Click here for the photos.

Kelshore:  “Many of the places I was fond of in Tulsa, Oklahoma growing up, had names, some derived from the owners names or the land,” said Kevin Kelly, Kelshore’s owner.  “In following the history of the Jersey Shore, I learned that property naming in past generations, was not uncommon, so I welcomed the idea to name this huge financial gamble, make it mine, make it last.

“One of the most spectacular named properties in my youth, is a 27,000 square foot Italian Renaissance Mansion in Tulsa, Philbrook – which, my grandmother served as one of the interior decorators (currently an Art Museum).  Philbrook was owned by the Phillips family – of Phillips 66 Petroleum – and built in the roaring 20’s.

“The mansion is on a spectacular plot, on a meandering brook, thus named Philbrook.  My home, Kelly on the shore – Kelshore.  Not as euphonious as Philbrook nor grand however a place I hope the family and others enjoy now and after I am gone, with a name that conjures happy memories.”

Casa Blanca:“It is named Casablanca for two reasons,” said Les Phillips, who with his partner Julion St. Croix purchased their home in 2004.  “One was that we planned for the exterior of the home, outside furnishings and flower beds would be white – Casa Blanca (White House).  Also, the Casablanca Lilly is our favorite flower.”

Joya del Mar:

“We named the place ‘Joya del Mar’ (Jewel of the Sea) as a paean to Asbury Park’s moniker ‘Jewel of the Atlantic’ two years ago,” said Robert Calabrese who owns the property with his partner Scott, his business partner Jan and his sister Patti.

Buttercup Manor:

“We heard, six years ago, when we purchased our house, that residents were naming their homes,” said Charlie Maffei, husband of Gary Maffei.  “Since my nickname was ‘Buttercup’, we decided to name our home Buttercup Manor.  The house is now yellow and we usually don’t even have to tell someone our address.  We just tell them Buttercup Manor and they know it’s the yellow house on the corner.”

Nowanden Manor

“We named our house ‘Nowanden Manor’ because we bought it as a vacation and eventual retirement home, meaning that at this point we are there only now-and-then,” said Brian Kaufman.

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