you tube groupRarely is there feel-goodness, pure joy and wonderful frivolity set to song the way six guys from New York City – one with a home in Asbury Park – did here Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

New Yorkers Adam MacLean, Chris Bush, Chris Lucia, Jeffrey Kummer, Brian Matthew Maloney and John Barbato (Asbury Park homeowner) produced a fun, dancey, sexy, bubblegum-pop and energetically choreographed three-minute summer homage music video with Whitney Houston’s new song “Million Dollar Bill” and are now an unqualified internet sensation – taking Asbury Park with them on their internet whirlwind.

We saw it was going to be a wet and lazy day so we wanted to create a fun memento in the spirit of the last weekend of the summer in the city that we all think is amazing,” said Adam MacLean. 

Their video, “Million Dollar Bill Asbury Park” was inspired by another gaggle of gays in the Fire Island Pines who produced a summer homage video (“Party in the F.I.P.”) a few weeks ago using Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” which now boasts more than one-million views and counting.

The energy of friendship (most have been friends since high school) and playfulness combined with a hot song and the visual background of Asbury Park’s Fifth Avenue, John’s lakefront porch, the Paradise pool, the boardwalk and the Casino leap through your computer screen while the video plays on. 

It’s the force of Asbury Park at its most festive.

“Each of us took turns choreographing, directing and holding the camera,” said Adam, who, with Brian, is part of a New York City dance company called “From the Desk of Sarah Seely”.  “We were a bunch of producing divas bossing each other around and it came together organically.  We especially love the kite flying in the background when we are on the Boardwalk and the ‘Casino Walk’ we did.”

The guys – each one with a smoking bod – saunter in skimpy box-cut bathing suits and multi-color Wayfarer sunglasses through most of the video.  In a nod to Whitney’s film “The Bodyguard” Adam also wears a white scarf around his head.

“Whitney’s new song was our choice because she is having a comeback (the CD debuted at Number 1 on Monday) and so is Asbury Park,” said Adam, who edited the video for seven hours prior to its debut last Tuesday.  “The boardwalk is the most iconic place in town to us – so we combined two icons: Whitney Houston and Asbury Park and can not believe the response.”

The video – posted last Tuesday – had sixty thousand views on YouTube (as of 6 pm yesterday) and growing. 

Views and comments are from all over the U.S. and internationally, including Spain and England – creating fab grass-roots publicity for Asbury Park.

“The emails from strangers are hysterical,” said Adam.  “Some people want to date us.  Some comment on my freakishly tall height.  Some praise the City and beach – I think the other guys are just too short.  A producer from Wendy Williams Show said they were reviewing it.  A lot say that Jeff is the best dancer and of course, there are some haters out there too.”

Forget the haters and enjoy life.  Oh, and…err…sorry everybody– all the guys are spoken for. 

Watch the music video over and over – it will make you smile.  For great stills from the video click here.

Whitney’s just-released (2 pm yesterday) beautiful “Million Dollar Bill” video below.  It’s beyond wonderful to see her back so strong and looking like a billion dollars.