Last week, the editor of Beachcruiser Magazine and, Billy Mecca, added another publication to his growing media portfolio.  Salt – a newsletter focusing on Asbury Park – ups the ante for the area’s stogy and excessively opinionated weeklies as a quick must-read for anyone interested in what the hell is now and going on in our city…or anyone who just likes pretty pictures. 


Speaking with Asbury Park’s King of Print Media, Billy gave TheBPlot an exclusive hint of what’s brewing, newsletter-wise, in Asbury Park’s salty ocean air.

TBP:  What is Salt, what will it be and will it increase my blood-pressure?

Billy:  Salt’s a weekly newsletter-style publication that lists Beachcruiser’s daily picks for the week from what’s happening in and nearby Asbury Park.  Salt is meant to be a one-stop source – one go-to sheet that anyone can grab to fill them in on what’s going on. 

TBP:  It sounds very entertainment and event-centric.  How did you come up with the name?  I looooove the name. 

Billy:  I came across the word “salty” one day and it seemed to describe Asbury perfectly – a beach town with a bite.  Yes, there’s an obvious reference to the ocean too, but think of Salt as an additive…a flavor enhancer to the Asbury Park experience. That was right on target for me.

TBP:  It’s the slickest, most visual, modern, city-style publication, with content to match, in the greater area.  Seriously.  Who are you and where did you come from to launch a mag like this?

Billy:  I have a digital graphics, effects and video background and studied at Pratt, as well as having many years experience in fashion design and retail…some film and interior stuff too.  Though Jersey born, I lived in New York for much of my life until heading back to New Jersey some years ago.

TBP:  You keep me current with – I wouldn’t know what to say to a surfer without getting arrested if it weren’t for you.  What will Salt cover and keep us up-to-the-week on?

Billy:  For sure surfing, or more specifically, surf culture and the surf mentality.  Salt pretty much will cover anything related to the beach lifestyle and diverse scene here.  One thing I always keep in mind with development is to present content not really covered anywhere else – not to be exclusive, but rather to give a voice to the up-and-coming and activities and events you might not otherwise hear about – art, music, film, design, community, style, causes, history, wildlife and people…all as it relates to events going on.

TBP:  Do you want readers to send you photos and stuff?   

Billy:  No doubt Yes!  The goal for Beachcruiser, and now Salt, to be a real interactive experience with its readers.  Salt and Beachcruiser have submission areas, where anyone can send just about anything – articles, ideas, photos, event listings, and video…mobile photos and texts too!  (Submit to Salt right now, click here.  Beachcruiser, click here.)

TBP:  How can I get Salted each week?

Billy:  Salt’s free and sent out Wednesdays to email subscribers only…it’s not published on our websites or social sites.  Print copies, also free, are distributed throughout the downtown and Boardwalk areas of Asbury Park (full listing of locations on the Salt site).

TBP:  Meeting you three years ago while we were volunteering at the ReStore has been a great gift, Billy.  I am so excited for you and wish you tons of success.  You are smart and kind and deserve every salty, spicy ounce of it.  Cheers.