Whether or not you believe in them, psychics are a part of Asbury Park’s rich history and personality.

One of the psychics whose tarot cards and crystals get the most workout is Bill Blount.  A longtime area resident, living in Asbury Park for the past 10 years, with his dog Gigi, Bill is relied upon by many to demystify elements of the past, present and future.  Currently, he is the resident psychic at Paranormal Books.

I thought I would get a checkup at the Psychic’s office, so I met with Bill to get the scoop on what the cards say about who will win this season’s Dancing with the Stars; if I should let my hair grow longer; if Ryan Reynolds will dump Scarlett Johansson for me; when Prince William and Kate Middleton will walk down the aisle?

Is that hottie royal getting married or not?

paranormal ball

Bill – looking as confused as a vampire without fangs – politely explained that he couldn’t answer any of my pressing pop culture questions.

So, I dove into his well-worn deck of tarot cards with some other, more suitable, questions:  is my deceased brother around me; is my ex who died suddenly after hitting a tree with a snowmobile okay and happy; will my dear friend get pregnant soon; is a baby I hold close healthy; will my friend find employment in the next six months?

Bill answered my questions as I flipped over the “Tower,” “5 of Swords” “2 of Wands” and “King of Cups” cards, among others.  The answers:  unclear; yes; yes, most likely during a full moon; yes, stop worrying; yes, however will take longer to come together.

He gave me a bonus answer, too, that two new people are headed into my life within the next six weeks (Bill described them physically, too).  One is naughty and one is nice.

More to come on that.

Bill tells me he has felt the psychic ability his entire life – he remembers having premonitions of events when he was as young as two and using his “gift” since he was 23 years old.

“Since I was very young I could see people and events and situations – I thought it was a common thing for everyone,” said Bill.  “Early on, I did not know how to express it or control what I was feeling.”

Bill’s long list of area clients – including some of the area’s politicos – include a few who requested their local homes be “cleared” of unwelcome energies.

“There are new homeowners in the grand old houses here that couldn’t get comfortable,” said Bill.

Bill’s tarot reading style is a bit different than others, which he believes helps him help his clients.

“I never touch the (tarot) cards or put them into formation,” said Bill, who also does psychic parties.  “I want the energy of my clients in the cards, to be as clear as possible with my answers.  I have strong faith in everything I say to people.”

Bill will be reading his cards at Paranormal Books & Curiosities’ Bloodlust Ball at Asbury Lanes, after the Halloween parade downtown (7 pm registration, begins at 8 pm).

“The Bloodlust Ball will be New Orleans voo-doo style entertainment at its best,” said Kathy Kelly, Paranormal Books.  “Carnival and sideshow performers all night long, combined with a vampire costume contest and the amazing Asbury Lanes location will will ensure a freakishly good time will be had by all.  All the children of the night are invited to come embrace the sexy darkness.”

DJ Jack the Ripper will spin all night at the Bloodlust Ball, hosted by Weirdee Girl.

I see fun in your future.  Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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