Millions watched Monday as Kathie Lee Gifford mentioned for the first time on the “Today Show” her husband’s 1997  public cheating with an airline stewardess, while discussing the Tiger Woods scandal.  It was TheBPlot’s “You Say Who” readers, however, who knew last week (Thursday, Dec. 3) that  producers were begging her to stop ignoring her past and talk frankly about Frank.

Thursday’s “You Say Who” detailed: “Frustrated producers gripe that (Kathie Lee and her co-host Hoda) are talking about Tiger Woods – the biggest pop culture news story right now – on the biggest news show, in a way that the experience is ‘so foreign to them both.  It’s the 500 pound gorilla in the room that nobody wants to pay attention to.'” 

By Sunday (Dec. 4), TheBPlot had the attention of fancy-pants NBC execs on both coasts – and the fab Kathie Lee – as the great Daily News column “Rush and Molloy” and New York’s #1 online gossip column picked up Asbury Park’s most read features site’s exclusive story and ran with it.  (See clips below.)

Three minutes into Monday’s show, Kathie Lee began her two minute Tiger Woods commentary with, “Having experience in this area…” 

“We all love Kathie Lee – she’s a pro,” said my snitch.   “It just didn’t make sense for her to not address the hottest topic in a more intimate way.  The Daily News picking up TheBPlot’s story got some people Kathie Lee listens to  involved, to restart the dialogue with her.”

Rush & Molloy:  “‘Today’ producers asked Kathie Lee Gifford if she’d talk about the Tiger Woods story by talking about her own memories of philandering husband Frank.  ‘Absolutely not!’  bellowed Gifford, according to…” – New York Daily News

The One Thing Kathie Lee Won’t Do For Ratings  “…The Tiger Woods‘ affair story is the hot issue of the day, but, according to The B Plot, which is written by a former TV guy in New Jersey, Kathie Lee is adamant that she won’t talk about the scandal from a ‘personal point of view.’ When producers ask she apparently said, quite loudly, ‘Absolutely not will I rehash any of that horrible history in my life.’ So let’s get this straight, disclosures of nudity…” –’s Brian Moylan

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