I love to reflect on the past year, friends and my life during the holidays.  One of the great influencers for me, after my mom, is the person who years ago gifted me with the opportunity to achieve some of my goals – through her “power of one.”

Cathy Tobin – coincidentally also a resident of Asbury Park – hired me to work on the Howard Stern Show and gave me the break I needed to elbow my way into the entertainment industry when I was a dime-a-dozen sophomore in college, with no connections and little experience.  I will always be thankful to her.

Cathy trusted in me and encouraged others at the show to take chance after chance on me.  No matter how insane it was at the studios – and it was insane – Cathy went out of her way to make sure I had interesting, high-profile tasks and always took the time to work with me.  She was a calming and influential force for a saucer-eyed, hungry, newbie employee.

She also made a point of introducing me to many big wigs, who, in turn, introduced me to other bigger, big wigs – some who have helped me many times through the years.

This was in contrast to other studios I heard about where the stars and executives put their staff through little pieces of industry hell, relegating low-level staff to: finding a baker to make couture-inspired gingerbread men for a 5 year old’s birthday party, writing and editing a star’s personal ad, managing a producer’s eBay account where he sold the swag he received from publicists or running around New York to find the “most fragrant” white roses (seriously).

I believe I might not be in Asbury Park today, if it were not for my “power of one” Cathy Tobin.  Having that radio and television show on my resume jump-started many dialogues for future endeavors for me.  She is a rock star in my eyes.

I hope Cathy inspires you to use your “power of one” in 2010.