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Locals share their favorite 2009 memories…

DJ Meatnmore, Asbury Park resident:

“Jumping in the ocean with my boyfriend and dog, on an empty Asbury beach, in mid-November.”

Helen Chantal-Pike, author, “Glory Days of Asbury Park”:

“Sitting at the outside corner table of the Salt Water Cafe, facing Convention Hall and listening to the final sounds of the season coming from Arthur Pryor’s legacy, the Asbury Park Municipal Band. People I know more recently as well as those from long ago came strolling up to my table to chat and catch up. My favorite Asbury Park reunion that August night was with Mrs. Jay’s grand-niece, Nancy Wiener, with whom I had gone to high school. Her young son was playing with the band. Asbury Park has got it all over Times Square.”

Kathy Kelly, owner, Paranormal Museum:

“Watching the Asbury Park Marching Band in the Halloween Parade. It was such a great community moment, a family moment. Parents lined the street to watch their kids and we had local kids in the downtown.”

Paul Booth, reporter, The Coaster:

“Dinner with my family at Belmonte’s this summer. My younger brother, on leave from his second tour in Iraq, was among the crowd that included my mother, father and uncle. I felt a lot of love at that table…and I haven’t laughed that hard since.”

Tom Gilmour, director of commerce, Asbury Park:

“I would have to say the 4th of July fireworks on the beach. This year’s show with the two synchronized locations rivaled any other events on the Jersey Shore. As I witnesses the thousands of people who came out, I realized Asbury Park is really back. I was proud to be an American and part of the community here in Asbury Park. Huge!”

Brett Colby, Asbury Park resident:

“The Asbury Park High School spring production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. On a shoestring budget, the high school students put together an amazing show, produced with help from Algonquin Arts, ArtsCAP, the Black Box of Asbury Park and Interfaith Neighbors. The show was a great example of several non-profits collaborating to achieve tremendous results within our city.”

Mike Sodano and Nancy Sabino, The Showroom:

“We have had some incredible memories during the first seven months as Asbury Park’s only movie theater. What stands out the most is the city’s incredible sense of community. Looking back, our best memories are the ones that have brought people together – whether by cultural, community or societal interests.

Marilyn Schlossbach, Langosta Lounge:

“Our holiday community dinners on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The eagerness to help and incredible generosity of people from all over our community really makes it an incredible Asbury Park memory.”

Frank D’Alessandro, Stephen Crane House:

“The most exciting day this past year in Asbury Park was January 20, when an event in the nation’s capital had such a joyful impact here. The excitement here was truly palpable, as for first time in our country’s history, an African-American was being sworn in as President. Buses from Asbury were filled with people of every age from pre-teen to non-agenerian, bound for Washington, DC. There were also gatherings all over our city to witness the historical event on TV.”

“We do not remember days; we remember moments”: Cesare Pavese, poet. Cheers to more fun and fabulous, healthy and happy, productive and prosperous Asbury Park moments in 2010.

Thank you always for your readership throughout the year.

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