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The items that were most buzzed, bantered or bitched about in “You Say Who” in 2009…

WHICH flooring company owner should know his ever-so-butch-I-am-living-with-a-girl site manager is not ‘out of area’ when he does not answer his cell? A large part of the time, he is ‘laying planks’ with one of their super-gay male customers. (3.04.09)

WHICH Asbury Park grand home’s renovation is being partially funded by serving as the set for online, straight amateur porn productions? Thanks to the depression, the homeowners are taking drastic measures to ensure the top-tier construction project is completed on time and budget. (3.04.09) 


WHICH bakery isn’t being especially truthful with its customers by implying that it makes every last delicious calorie-

(image courtesy

(image courtesy

packed item from scratch? In reality, neighboring businesses report weekly bulk deliveries of all sorts of pre-made mixes and doughs. (03.25.09)

WHICH married, in-town realtor needs to be more careful who she talks to and what she talks about? In regards to homes for sale that need a little TLC, she has been known to say to colleagues she thinks are straight “this house just needs to be ‘faggotized’…you know how good they are at that kind of thing.” Thing is, the colleagues are so not straight and definitely offended at her vernacular. Oops. (04.09.09)

WHICH downtown store gives you more than you bargained for in the stock room?  The “active” Craig’s List ad, sent to me on July 6 (posted on the site at 8.16 am) by a reader who exchanged photos with the Cookman Avenue proprietor, begins verbatim (with naughty words edited), “Backroom NSA BJ’s – 42.  I’m slim, toned (28″ waist, 130lbs) expert c**ksucker seeking c**ks to s*ck in a store backroom…”  There’s also a photo.  What a way to kill time in between sales.  (07.09.09)

WHICH business owner – whose head is pretty much good for a hat rack and one other thing (oh, I kid…seriously) – in town was rumored to have loitered a bit too long in the model / go-go dancer’s dressing room at the Kick-Off Party, pleasing some and just annoying others?  (07.23.09)

WHICH fortysomething local creative type, who I have written about previously here, skipped Friday’s Kick-Off Party for his own party that he advertised on Craig’s List Friday afternoon?  The listing, sent to me Sunday by a reader began: “F*** MY 29YO BOIS A** NOW! HOTEL TAG TEAM!! OPEN HOUSE! – 29 (HOTEL ON RT#35 – NEPTUNE/ASBURK PARK)…”  It’s got to be like throwing hot dogs through the Lincoln Tunnel.  (07.23.09)

IS there anything else that made Madison Marquette dramatically bar Jason Hennings, founder of Diablo Royal – the ultra-popular West Village Mexican saloon – from opening a version in the former O’Toole’s space in the Grande Arcade?  Jason was also unceremoniously fired last Tuesday from managing the Beach Bar for ‘violating the rules of his lease’ after employees were complaining and revenue numbers were sinking.   Calls to Madison Marquette and Jason Hennings were unreturned as of presstime.  (07.30.09)

WHICH thirtysomething, sexy, life-long area resident – who works for a business in Pier Village – told me that uber-rat Solomon Dweck’s wife shamelessly came to his business, after his 2006 indictment with a check for $100,000 drawn from the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, to pay for goods and services rendered.  What the hell is that all about and where is the FBI on that money?  (07.30.09)

WHICH straight twentysomething area resident and employee used “Derrick Vineyard” as his gay porn pseudonym while performing in films, photos and live shows as a Falcon Studios exclusive in San Diego from 2004 to 2006 (approximately)?  Today, the unmistakably tattooed and uber talented…errr endowed, sweet, entrepreneurial hottie has bid farewell to his film career.  Hey, he wasn’t selling kidneys.  (08.06.09)

WHICH local twentysomething gay longtime bartender is in line for the “Deli Award” this summer, because of all his tramping around?  More meat has passed through him than the Carnegie Deli.  (08.06.09)

WHICH previously renovating rubenesque east-side Asbury business lady was overheard crying that one of her great gay friends insisted (justifiably) that she sign a promissory note when he lent her $5,000 very recently?  Some want to know why she didn’t ask her mother…or did she and get shut down?  (08.27.09)

WHICH Madison Marquette lady who worked too closely with a VP – and did not show up for work for weeks, however got paid – is reportedly considering all her options against the company, including she says, a potential, possible sexual harassment suit?  From what I witnessed a few weeks ago (scroll below to 08.13.09) at Langosta Lounge she was a happy participant in the shenanigans.  (08.27.09)

WHICH well-known bisexual lady in Asbury Park is kicknamed the “Titanic” in some circles because at least 1,000 men and women have gone down on her?  (09.17.09)

WHICH gay guy / straight guy roommate situation in town is where the straight guy allows the gay guy to watch via a webcam while he “taps it” with unknowing ladies?  (10.15.09) 

WHICH grand Asbury Park home was I in when an uber-talented medium from Paranormal Books made a believer out of me?  She said my deceased brother was “standing” right next to me as a “contemporary spirit” and knew his name, guys.  (10.25.09) 

WHICH married, very sexy, shy-ish, elegant lady and broader-area resident has been having a passionate affair with an early 1990’s Playboy Playmate since the beginning of the summer?  (10.29.09)

WHICH opening soon, tavern-style bar’s owner wanted to renovate and launch the soon-to-be hot local hangout months ago, but couldn’t because the liquor license was tied-up by his ex-wife during their divorce.  (11.05.09) 

WHICH late-thirtysomething single lady was drinking orange juice Halloween night, not a Screwdriver – and costumed in a poufy wedding dress – because she is three months pregnant and wants to keep it a secret?  The father, who she has been casually seeing since the beginning of the summer, lives in the same luxe building that she does.  (11.12.09)   

WHICH kind and sweet bank teller – just doing her best at Bank of America in Allenhurst – was Branch Manager, Diane, beyond excessively berating about her time sheet Thursday in the conference room…loud enough for customers standing in line to hear?  When I brought the issue the attention of B of A big-wigs, TJ Crawford robotically replied, “We don’t comment on personnel issues.”  More on Diane next week…we have another tirade of hers recorded…she needs a no-interest personality bailout.  (11.19.09)