Local publications in our TMZ – three mile zone – choose not to publish real (read “not fluffy”) reviews of businesses or industries because they do not want to alienate current or potential advertisers. 

Today, however, TheBPlot launches the “A-Game” – features which highlight local businesses, products or services collectively felt to consistently be on their “A-Game.”  “A-Game” businesses will be spotlighted after many, many locals and a few expert-types provide feedback to TheBPlot that reflects a consistently all around good experience.  

The goal: to deliver you real-life, relevant, useful and quality, quick suggestions to help you decide where to spend your valuable $$$$$. 

THEBPLOT’S “A-GAME”: Restaurants

Real-life, really practical reviews.  We informally surveyed locals, we dined…and then dieted… and with very careful consideration chose the restaurants below as “A-Game” for delivering:  superior tasting and original menus – from appetizers to desserts, creative presentation, fun cocktails, appropriately toned atmosphere, stellar service, cleanliness, quality of the establishment as a whole commensurate with the price point and, overall, the place isn’t trying to be something its really not. 

  • Asbury Park, Moonstruck – Fierce everything every time…never a clunker.
  • Ocean Grove, Sea Grass – Wonderful owners serve mondo-beyondo fab salads and short ribs.
  • Bradley Beach, Citricos – Amazing rice balls and mmmmm soooo tender stuffed pork chops.
  • Avon, Clementine’s – Original, totally creative and top-quality everything.  Don’t miss the fried oysters and bread pudding.
  • Belmar, Boom Burger – Ultra-casual and seriously the best hamburger, made with the same premium beef served in ultra-fancy-pants NYC restaurants, and onion rings around [photo right].  The hamburger has a cult-like following.

What’s “A-Game” in your world – for anything… any kind of service or store or vendor.  Do tell!!!