More with The B-52’s and The Superions’ Fred Schneider… 

TBP: So what did you think of your first interview with Howard Stern? I think it went great and could tell he liked you a 

THE B-52's



Fred: I thought it was a great interview. I came away with a whole new opinion of him and I loved Robin too. I did not know what to expect.  He and I had a nice conversation when he went to commercial. 

My friends love him and listen to him regularly. 

For a while (after the Howard interview) I was the most Googled name in the world thanks to Howard. 

TBP: How can your fans learn how to do the Disco Garbage Can, the new dance you created? 

Fred: Watch the video on our Facebook or MySpace page. Just stick your legs out and pretend you are lifting the lid off your head and just dance around. I had to come up with something for The Superions really fast. 

TBP: A friend of a friend used to see you at the Dolphin Gym in Chelsea. He said that you would be the king on Totally Nude Island because of your significant most masculine of areas. 

Fred: (Laughs). That’s really nice of him. 

TBP: You told Howard Stern that you have had a boyfriend for a long time. What’s it like sleeping with a rock star? Are you the dominant one or are you passive? 

Fred: That is going to be in my book Fred-asutra. 

TBP: Your fans emailed TheBPlot questions for you. This first one is from Billy Mecca of BeachCruiser Magazine – I used to See you at the Salvation Army thrift store in Chelsea on Eighth Avenue. What is your favorite thrift store in the world? 

Fred: The Potter’s House Thrift Store in Athens, Georgia but you can’t beat the Salvation Army store in Asbury Park. Luckily I do not get their as often as I would like. I go there and just get bags and bags of vinyl. 

TBP: Carl Chesna, a local realtor, has the next question – The lyric “faster pussycat, thrill, thrill…I am at the mall on a diet pill” is genious. What inspired this? 

Fred: (The famous drag queen) Divine and the movie “Faster Pussycat Kill Kill.” I loved it when Divine in “Hairspray” was really angry in one scene and said something like “you better not let this diet pill wear off anytime soon…” 

I don’t do drugs, though. I might turn into Rush Limbaugh. 

TBP: Another question from Carl – Who would you consider your muse? 

Fred: (English poet) Edward Lear and Soupy Sales. 

Soupy had the nuttiest humor. His show was not really for kids. It was fun puppets and it was demented and they all had a crazy sense of humor. 

My friend Jolene and I just watched the DVDs of Soupy’s shows. The classic ones are still hysterical. They make for a great winter night with friends. 

TBP: Final one from Carl – Your lyrics “there is a monster in my pants,” is it a monster as in one that ravaged Tokyo or something else? 

Fred: (Laughs) Well, it’s both. My monster ravages everyone.