“Tick Hall” is the most amazing documentary for anyone who loves architecture or design.

 Originally published March 18, 2010:

I just can’t tell you enough how I love the documentary “Tick Hall” about a spectacular rebuilding of a historic home owned by Dick Cavett and Carrie Nye.

In 1997, a huge fire burned Tick Hall, a 125 year-old landmark home in Montauk, Long Island, to the ground leaving only the blackened chimney standing. The loss was a blow to the community and Tick Hall’s owners – talk-show host Dick Cavett and his wife, actress Carrie Nye – who lived there for 30 years.

Because of the couple’s love of the home and its historic and artistic importance, the Cavetts embarked upon an ambitious three-year project – rebuilding Tick Hall exactly, exactly as it was.

The project became known as the world’s first forensic architectural rebuild.

“I wanted not a nice copy but the same exact place,” said Carrie Nye. “The house had to be back, like the fire never happened. The feeling had to be recaptured.”

“From The Ashes: Tick Hall” is an amazing documentary chronicling the history, loss and must-be-seen-to-believed rebuilding of a historic home.

Anyone who has done a home renovation, plans to do a home renovation or appreciates architecture and the amazing quality and detail of older homes will enjoy this documentary.

“Tick Hall” is not available from NetFlix or Blockbuster. The last time it was publicly screened was on PBS stations in 2006.

Nancy and Mike from The Showroom invite you to enjoy the award-winning documentary with other film and architecture enthusiasts, learn what was happening behind-the-scenes and hear how a filmmmaker develops a story from renowned Director and Producer, Scott Morris.

“It is a very special thing for me to show the film in Asbury Park, which I know is going through its own renaissance right now,” said Scott Morris. “The film is so much more than a film about a restoration. The house is a metaphor for loss and healing in addition to being a reaction against the home and garden television culture, that is about selling product irrespective of aesthetics or a community. I am looking forward to discussing the film and its theme with a wonderful group.”

Scott will be joined by local architect Rob Feinstein who will answer your questions about renovations and rebuilds.

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