Spring is in the air… or is that hairspray?

This month, Gloss Salon celebrates five years of scissor-happy Asbury Park good times… and good looks.

“I am really proud that we are one of two businesses that opened up in the last seven or so years downtown that is still around,” said John Partusch, owner of Gloss Salon. “I knew Asbury was going to be the hip place, the place people want to come to and it is great to have been a part of the city for the last five years.”

John, who grew up in Wall always knew hair was in his DNA.

“I started cutting hair when I was fifteen,” said John, now 35 years old. “When I was a kid and went to the barber shop with my dad I saw that the barber was the guy everybody talked to and everybody liked. Me, being the shy kid, I thought that was great.”

Styling some of the area’s lushest manes for years, John tells me that he could cut my hair with his eyes closed… and I believe him enough to almost want to take him up on that.

After graduating from Concord Beauty Academy in Ocean Township at the top of his class, he joined Karen’s Hair Design in Sea Girt. After a few months, he moved to Scissorhands in Wanamassa and over the next 10 years, also joined Cappella’s in Ocean Township and finally Tranquility Hair Salon in Morganville.

He also traveled the country as a Color Ambasassor for Schwartzkopf Haircare. It was during one of his trips to Chicago in 2004 when he decided to open his own salon.

“I was thinking about doing my own thing for a while,” said John. “Everything just came together at that moment in Chicago.”

When the doors opened to Gloss Salon in March 2005, it was John and Luke and Howard from Moonstruck on Lake Avenue.

“I was really happy to be in business in Asbury Park. “The city was filled with energy and curiosity and possibilities. All the business owners were friends and supported each other.”

John has a long family history in Asbury Park. His grandmother worked at Steinback’s department store for years and won “Best Bonnet” regularly in the Easter Parade. John, his sister Dina and other family members won “Best Dressed Family” in the mid 1980’s. His grandfather Joe Devine was involved in the Asbury Park community for years.

John and his team have cut and styled more than 35,000 heads of hair in the last five years. His fab army of beauty includes Lynda, Chrissy, Elaina, Dina, Siobhan, Lauren and Kristen.

“It’s like an extended family here,” said Rico Rivera, co-owner of Bistro Ole and John’s client. “I have been coming here since Gloss opened. They know how to keep your beauty secrets secret.”

Exclusively for The Coaster and TheBPlot readers – John is celebrating Gloss’ Five Year Anniversary with five weeks of giveaways each valued at up to $300. Check the paper for the advertisement and entry form.