The comic who created the massive pop culture buzz viral video “I’m F***ing Matt Damon has released her autobiography, “Bedwetter” sure to become a classic in high school libraries, err… locker rooms nationwide.

Emmy Award-winning Sarah Silverman, the irresistibly likable funny lady – with the rare fan base combination of gay and straight guys – who has never found a line she was not happy to cross, lets loose in a whole new way in “Bedwetter: Stories of Courage” (Harper), for which she was paid a reported $2 million.   

“Bedwetter”  recaps the formative experiences and embarassing episodes that have molded Sarah into the fabulously silly and outrageous performer she is today, including: her earliest attempts at making people laugh – using her grieving grandmother as her guinea-pig, her epic fight with bedwetting that hypnosis and humiliation could not cure, her short-lived stint on Saturday Night Live, her adventures in the entertainment industry and more.

You love her on Comedy Central.  She’s one of your favorites on Howard Stern.  You will love her even more on your (wet) lap, with “Bedwetter.”

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