This is the summer of summers in Asbury Park in so many ways.

Liza with a “Z” at the Paramount and Barbra without an “A” at the Supper Club… almost.


Prior to performing again with Marvin Hamlisch, Steven Brinberg as Barbra Streisand, returns to Asbury Park’s Supper Club July 8 with his new cabaret show “Love is the Answer.”

Steven’s new show is based on Barbra Streisand’s new album, with a touch of vintage fabulous Barbra.  As Alan Cummings recently said in a review of Steven, “It’s not about drag… Brinberg really sings and he is funny too.”

Steven called to express his excitement about returning to Asbury Park… at least I think it was Steven – his impression of Barbara without the “A” is spot-on.

TBP:  I hear you have a great Barbra story that you cannot talk about.  You have to.

Steven:  Oh… well… Donna Karan was celebrating a birthday and Barbra could not be in New York, so Barbra watched a video of me performing and called my agent to hire me to sing to Donna at her party. 

So I arrive early and one of Donna’s friends who was in on the joke outfitted me in all black Donna Karan clothes… I looked great.

I walk into the party and over to Donna and the first words out of Donna’s mouth, knowing I was not Barbra, was “you lost weight and I love that outfit.”

Barbra faxed me over a script so I said in my Barbra voice, “You didn’t think I would miss this did you” and immediately started to sing “Happy Birthday”.

Everyone cheered.  Afterwards, Donna came over to me and said my voice was “fabulous” and gave me a huge hug.

TBP:  That is an amazing moment. 

Steven:  I should say that Barbra is a lot skinnier now she looks great – she just finished filming the next “Fockers” film.  I saw her the other day when she went to see the play “Red” in New York.

She also has a book coming about, about her designs – she was at the book show with (Duchess) Fergie (in New York two weeks ago).  In my show I talk about Fergie and I say that I offered to sell introductions to Elliot Gould but nobody took me up on the offer. 

My cabaret show is like going to see Barbra but with a little more humor. 

TBP:  I saw your show last summer and it really is pure joy.  Totally fun.  No script.  It takes a few minutes for the audience to settle in to realize you are singing however sound exactly like Barbra.  Have you ever called up (restaurant) Le Cirque or some other place fancy-pants and used your Barbra impersonation to make a reservation?

Steven:  Actually, no.  I did call Marvin Hamlisch and left a voicemail as Barbra as a joke once.  He loved it.

I hosted an Oscar party at Le Cirque one year and sang during the commercials.  (Mail-Order Queen) Lilian Vernon was crazy and kept asking me to sing songs well after the show.  Everyone had a great time, just like what I plan for Asbury Park. 

The people in your city are wonderful and so much fun. 

TBP:  If you see Lilian again tell her my grandmother wants a refund on all the junk she ordered. 

Steven:  (laughs)

SimplyBarbra.com has more info.