Excerpted from The New York Times’ Fashions of the Times, 1991, and still as relevent today.  For “Things Every Man Should Know,” click here.  Written by our favorite fashion writer Hal Rubenstein

  • Note cards on the heaviest stock
  • A single breasted black wool crepe suit
  • Good wineglasses
  • Nose-hair tweezers
  • Something cashmere
  • A sewing kit that does not come from a hotel bathroom
  • Two sets of all-cotton sheets
  • A bottle of champagne chilling
  • Sterling silver belt buckle
  • Something your father gave you
  • Julia Child’s “The Way to Cook”
  • A moisturizer designed specifically for the face
  • A razor handle that didn’t come as a gift with purchase
  • A white shirt so fine it does not need a tie or jacket
  • Lint brush
  • A bedroom with no mementos from college
  • A topcoat that comes below the knees
  • Ella Fitgerald soundtrack
  • Condoms
  • A bud vase
  • A pair of Ray-Bans
  • Prominently displayed photos of loved ones on your desk and in your living room
  • Health insurance
  • A dentist
  • Collar stays, besides the ones that came with the shirt
  • Subscriptions to Vanity Fair, a newspaper and Consumer Reports
  • Gift wrapping
  • A copy of your favorite childhood movie