More with “Housewives of New York City” Alex McCord…

TBP:  What questions has Bethenny asked you about being a mother?

Alex:  Bethenny asked me about my experiences, and I am always happy to share them.

TBP:  What are some overlooked qualities of the other housewives?

Alex:  Both Bethenny and Ramona have very generous spirits, Sonja is very wise and can read people in a heartbeat.

TBP:  What is something that your mom said to you that you swore you would never say however find yourself saying to your sons?

Alex:  Oh, I have no illusions about that.  I love my Mom and there are many ways in which I’ve turned into her.  That’s not such a bad thing; she’s a steel magnolia with a great head for business and a heart the size of Texas, where she lives and is from.

Hilary C. via Twitter:  We absolutely love the nanny that takes care of our two children.  She is so great that another family is trying to lure her away from us.  We are on a budget and really cant give her any more of a raise (the money would then be coming out of a college fund for the kids). How can we keep our nanny and keep civility with a family who our kids enjoy playing with and we see at functions almost weekly? 

Alex:  Sit down with your partner and figure out what non-financial incentives you can offer your nanny, whether it’s assistance with transportation, flexibility with schedule…is there something your family can do for her family, etc.

Julie via Twitter:  As newer parents we are finding a lot of our single friends or friends who are married however do not have children are avoiding us.  What is going on? 

Alex:  Unfortunately sometimes that happens, and it’s their loss. You’ll either clean your emotional house to make room for new, like-minded friends, or when they have their own children they will come around. Sending you a virtual hug for that.