A little more than half way through the year, below are a few (January to March) of the things you probably learned about here first – thanks to our fabulous sources – before everyone began talking about it or it was published elsewhere…

WHICH northeast side resident and his father were thrown out of a well-known bakery after mocking the “Happy Birthday Jesus” cake on display? Another note, Kathie Lee Gifford brings out a birthday cake for Jesus and sings happy birthday each Christmas. (01.07.10)   Update:  Kathie Lee part of the piece picked up by the Daily News.

WHICH part-time Asbury Park gay guy rang in 2010 by standing near uber-hottie Hugh Jackman…and his wife and kids…at a penthouse party on West 17th Street in the former New York City Archives building – now ultra fancy pants condos? My snitch reported Hugh (who’s name for his d*ck is ‘James Roger’) drank seltzer and pomegranate juice all night while unknowingly hypnotizing all the gay men with his hotness and charm. Why does he have to be soooooo hot? (01.07.10)   Update:  Piece picked up by the Daily News

WHICH politico told me, “The gay community that’s upset with Senator Kean for not voting for the marriage bill should be angry at themselves, too. The gay community and its friends don’t vote. They are not a strong constituency in this area for all their visibility. ‘Soccer’ and ‘NASCAR’ families in Wall are a more influential constituency…they donate to campaigns and vote.” Something to think about. (01.14.10)  Update (if you have been living under a rock):  the fight for gay marriage continues.

WHICH downtown business couple is working hard to bring a “body fair” to the Boardwalk in early May? We hear the event will “celebrate all things for the body from tattoo artists to food to yoga.” (01.28.10)   Update:  the fair happened as was a great addition to the melange of boardwalk events. 

WHICH local couple (the same ones who partially paid for their home renovation by using it as a set for amateur porn) is advertising: “Looking for Girls. Adult Actresses. How would you like to: TRAVEL FOR FREE, HAVE CONTROL OF WHAT YOU DO, MAKE HUNDEREDS OF DOLLARS IN ONE DAY, HAVE FUN, MEET NEW PEOPLE, BE FAMOUS, HAVE YOUR IDENITY SAFE.” The ad continues on, “PAY VARIES…If you think you would like to know more give us a call.” (01.28.10)   Update:  have not heard anything in months.

WHICH Asbury Park chick has had sex with so many gay guys, she says “Abercrombie and Fitch should take an ad out over my p***y?” (01.28.10)   Update:  someone suggested an advertisement by J. Crew.

GOOD news for straight guys who endeavor to dress like their grandfather – clothier Joseph A. Banks is building a new store across from the Brook 35 strip mall (next to Staple) in Sea Girt. (02.11.10)   Update:  it is there now.

WHY does the City of Neptune have an “approved” list of vendors for residents? “The state has said that municipalities should not recommend tradespeople of any kind because it’s a conflict of interest,” said TheBPlot’s snitch who holds a copy of the document. Are shenanigans going on in Neptune?   Update:  the list is still being used as far as we hear, however used more discreetly since this report.

WHICH area McMansion-owning couple advertises and hosts monthly swingers parties, charging $25 to $100 per person.  The fee varies depending on stringent criteria which includes age of the couple, how attractive they are and what the couple is interested in sexually.  “Big discount if the wife will have sex with other women,” said our local snitch.   (03.11.10)  Update:  the party is still on!

WHICH area city’s council holds a pre-meeting at one of the member’s home to discuss votes the evening before the public meeting? (03.18.10)  Update:  still happening.

WHICH local foodie snitch told me Marilyn Schlossbach’s much-anticipated new restaurant Trinity and the Pope will open next Thursday, April 1, or soon after?  (03.25.10)  Update: restaurant opened and considered a success by many!