Rarely seen images of the New Jersey shore from the 1800’s to the mid 1900’s fill a new book that features the rich history of our


 area along with wonderful sun-filled memories.

Joe Czachowski, author of “Remembering the Jersey Shore” became a fan of the area in the 1970’s when, as a young teen from Newark, he came to Asbury Park with his buddies to enjoy the beach and city.


These fond teenage memories – which include a chance meeting with singer Jackie Wilson in Seaside Heights – coupled with his late wife’s passion for the shore, were the catalyst for the creation of his new beautiful photo book.

TBP:  Each image is a treasure.

Joe:  A lot of the photos were taken by the Works Progress Administration in the late 1930’s – the government hired people to go around and take photos of places and events.

Half of the photos came from the National Archives and the rest came from the Trenton Archives, the Monmouth County Historical Society and private collections.

TBP:  You say that you discovered a lot of the history of the shore while researching this book.

Joe:  Most people don’t know the history of different beach towns that they go to.  People take for granted that history is there.

I learned a lot about Sandy Hook’s Fort Hancock when I went there to look for photos.

I spoke with a professor who taught the soldiers who were waiting for deployment.  The government needed activities for the soldiers so the professor got people together to discuss books and classic literature.

Also, there is a baseball field at Sandy Hook where the New York Yankees came and played against the soldiers.

History is all over the place and part of the fun is the discovery.

TBP:  There are more than 100 photos in the book.  Do you have a favorite?  Mine is an amazing photo of the Casino from 1932 with a rudimentary mini-golf course in the foreground.

Joe:  There is a photo of four members of the Coast Guard Beach Patrol on horseback.  I thought that was so neat – horses on the beach in New Jersey during the winter.  How much fun was that to patrol the beaches on horseback?

TBP:  “Remembering the Jersey Shore” is to be looked at over and over again.  Is there anything that you would like to point out that I might miss during my first or second look?

Joe:  Alfred Hitchcock said a movie should be seen three times to appreciate all the nuances.

The first look through the book is an initial “oooh” and “ahhh”.  The second is more level headed and the third time you notice even more.

You start to notice things like people and architecture and the different aspects of towns that are right next to each other in some cases.  You will see these are not just beach photos.  The photos are of New Jersey and the backyard just happens to be the beach.

Whatever level of interest you have will demonstrate how much you will enjoy the book.  Architecture, events and people are all part of the book’s nuances.

Read it and enjoy all the memories and then go make some more.