Michael Cook

This week, Contributing Writer Michael Cook gives us the scoop about Housewives of New Jersey star Theresa Giudice’s book signing…


The line was hundreds of people long, the books were flying off the shelves, & cameras were ready at Barnes & Noble in Eatontown N.J. No, it wasn’t a signing by former president Bill Clinton, or pop superstar Lady Gaga. Appearing tonight was Teresa Giudice, star of Bravo’s “Real Housewives Of New Jersey” with her book “Skinny Italian”-and Monmouth County has never seen a book signing like this. Luckily, I was one of the attendees lucky enough to line up early!

Fans of the ever-growing “Housewives” franchise started lining up at 2:00 p.m on August 31,2010. for a 7:00 p.m. book signing(!). When Barnes & Noble staffers started to see the volume of people coming to see the BLANK, bands were given out & people were brought in 100 people at a time. (The lines draped around both sides of the mall, & started to snake around the back)! Ms. Giudice arrived at 7:40 p.m. (Parkway traffic!) & entered the store right in front of her fans. Flashbulbs & cameras flashed like it was Lindsey Lohan, but Teresa graciously waved & headed to the table to begin signing the ever-growing mountain of books. 

Once inside Barnes & Noble, the line snaked around the aisles until I found myself ready for book signatures & pictures (as I’d bought multiple copies of course). The staff at Barnes & Noble was good enough to write what I wanted on three different pieces of paper, & place them inside the books Teresa would sign. How convenient. Once I arrived at the table, Teresa graciously greeted me with a handshake & a kiss. I mentioned a mutual friend we have, we spoke for a few minutes, & she posed for several pictures with me (as she did with every other fan)! She signed her catchphrase “Love Love Love” in my book & I departed with another kiss & hug (the book is, Skinny Italian after all)! Once outside, I was shocked to still see hundreds of fans lined up at 10:00p.m.! My sources tell me that Teresa posed for every picture & signed every book until 2:00a.m. the next morning!

The woman Monmouth County met tonight was a far cry from the star we’ve seen on television, who at some times is more infamous for her battles with “Housewives” villainess, Danielle Staub than being a budding author.  She was lovely & gracious; -& I’m happy to report that the table she was sitting at stayed in the upright position the entire time!